Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Trip Down Lula B Lane

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Well it’s back to work for me after being off for six weeks. I wish I could say I’ve missed it, but truth is, I’ve not..It’s work, what can I say. But before I go back, I’ve stocked up my booth with more and more vintage finds.

Being out of commission the last six weeks has really made me miss painting furniture, however, it’s really helped me learn more about antiques and about the pieces I see when I’m out at estate sales. Before I used to pass over lots and lots of things I found because my tunnel vision only allowed me to to hone in on furniture.  This is why I didn’t like to go to estate sales. Their stuff is always priced high and the furniture is outrageous.  I’m not about to pay high prices for perfectly good furniture when I just want to paint it anyway, and regretfully, I want to paint a lot of it. The difference in the pieces I like to find, is I find furniture that’s in real need of help and see what I can do for them to live again. Whether it’s paint, fabric, decoupage, etc, not all “bad” furniture is necessarily “bad”. I’m also not going to charge you an arm and a leg for it either.

I’ve found lots of mid-century pieces that I would totally leave as is as well. They are beautiful in their own right. But the one thing I’ve learned lately is when I’ve come across those rare finds: The vintage Milk Glass, Amber Dishes, Tiara, and all the ones that are truly beautiful and say so much of our past. I LOOVVEE them all!!  OH and the coffee mugs…OMG those COFFEE MUGS!!! Ahhhh…love!!  I've managed to sell a lot of them in my booth to people with obvious great taste!!

I hate the fact that I used to pass them up before. It kind of makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it. But I’m proud to display them in my booth now. Not to mention they’ve helped me keep my sales up while I’ve been away (so to say). I think one thing I like the most is finding something unusual (to me anyway) and finding out what the heck they were used for.  It’s really cool.

Wish me luck tomorrow. Hopefully they haven’t forgotten me!


momtofatdogs said...

It's ALREADY been six weeks? Really? WOW ! It really does not seem like it's been 6 weeks already. I like some of those "vintage" finds you have in your booth! However....I learned a long time ago not to bring it home if it does not have a purpose. I am very ANTI-clutter in my old age. I used to have mountains of knick knacks & "collections". I sold or gifted them away. If i have to move it to clean? It's clutter. The only exception to my anti-clutter campaign is my sewing room(s) (yes, Rita, I have 2) Let us know how getting back to work feels for you! I bet you're gonna be tired tired tired.


Chris Dodaj said...

Good luck at work today!! Take it easy and go slow!! Hope it goes well. Love all your vintage finds - the owl glasses are just adorable!! I have a new post too,