Wednesday, May 01, 2013

What I’ve Turned Into

Nope, I can’t seem to stop collecting more stuff than I can handle!! I have more “non-furniture” items in my booth than “furniture” items…eek! The good thing is, it’s actually kept me afloat while my furniture is not selling, but it’s also really addicting and I’m having a tough time stopping myself from collecting more and more.

Welcome to my crazy nick knack, tchotchke, retro/vintage world…enter at your own risk!


Crazy Awesome, Right?!

I guess, I figure that since I see stuff like this sell, not to mention the fact that I run across the same stuff ALL THE TIME, why not sell it in my own booth. On the plus side, it helps when furniture sales are low (like now) but the bad thing is it’s very addicting. I want to all of this stuff…NOW!! I’m surprised I haven’t started to sing “I want it now” by Varuca Salt on Willy Wonka…oh wait…I did do that once!

See what I mean, I need help, I need to be stopped!!

A week away from surgery(yuk) and I’m working like crazy to get things ready for me being out. This includes training my replacement whom is WONDERFUL….she’s a talker like me and we get along great. I’m sure it’ll drive my coworker crazy because she was probably looking forward to the break from me...haha…I LOVE IT!!

I’ll also be working at my “real” job on Saturday and Lula B’s on Sunday, so I doubt very seriously that I’ll be working on furniture this weekend. Not like it’s selling anyway. Not that I’m bitter about it!! NOT ONE BIT!!

See ya later, Rita!!


Olivia said...

okay that little white vanity mirror is to die for! so is the pyrex.

Twice Nice said...

I love all those pitchers and the owl glassware!! Such fun stuff. I'm missing the hunt for the "littles" so I think I'll have to get a fix here soon!