Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrown Away Thursday- Holy Tape Batman!

I’m all about using tape to fix things up, but never on furniture! In fact, I don’t know what the previous owner of this desk was thinking but I think it’s safe to say he/she was obsessed with tape!






I am not kidding, it was everywhere! The good thing is I only found one part that was actually in need of some glue but other than that, it was in great condition. 

Since my surgery was rescheduled for this Friday, I wanted to get one Tossed and Turned Tuesday done for you so I managed to squeeze this in (somehow). So don’t forget to come back to check in on me. Hopefully this time I won’t have any stupid horror stories…geez!

See you Later,
Rita  a.k.a. the narrow throated creative girlWinking smile


Twice Nice said...

That's a lot of tape! Good luck with your surgery!! Praying for you to get through it easily and recover quickly!

momma_drea said...

did you get that from Alyssa? She loves tape.. lol