Monday, May 20, 2013

Taking it easy- post surgery


All done and it wasn’t half bad actually. Aside from the sore throat, which wasn’t NEARLY as bad as last time, I feel quite normal.  I will however be taking it easy the next few weeks. I think with the drugs that were pumped in me, I felt like I hadn’t undergone extensive surgery but today…let’s just say I’m moving at the speed of a turtle. Which is good…I think~!

Anyway, for those of you who have followed this journey, you know last time didn’t go so smooth and I had a sore throat. I couldn't talk, or eat but this time is much better. I can do both and only have a mild sore throat. Which dealing with what I did last time, this is SO MUCH BETTER. Only now I have 5 healing incisions and I’m super sore. But Ash and I did watch “The Little Mermaid” today so that’s already tons better.

I also wanted to mention the difference going into surgery this time was I had to inhale on gas first which numbed my tongue then throat. This made it easier for the doctors to get the tubes down my throat and the best thing is I don’t remember them doing it. (Praise the Lord!). I so did not want to remember any of that.

So now I’m home and resting and taking advice from good ol’ Kunu cat. He believes that if you rest and look pathetic doing it, everyone will think you’re perfect and will come to your aid and feed you.  I don’t believe it but I’m willing to test it out.

Talk to you tomorrow,



Megan said...

Glad you sound in good spirits! Enjoy your time relaxing ;) take a nap or two for me!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

enjoy the downtime as much as possible- sometimes its good to have a forced rest. ;) and an excuse to eat ice cream. love you and hope you are well soon!

Twice Nice said...

Acting like a cat right now is the best thing for you! Get lots of rest and try some whining and mild sniveling to get them to wait on you hand and foot!

ashlie said...

Take care of yourself!

momtofatdogs said...

Oh Rita! I am SO GLAD you posted and update on your surgery. I was worried about you & thought I'd drop you an email...but this "comment" will have to suffice. Do as the Dr.'ll regret it if you don't. Pleae don't LIFT anything. If you don't follow the rules it will take you longer to heal....Let us know how the "looking pathetic" gig goes. Batting my baby-blues works faster & better then any pathetic look that I have ever tried. Reckon Prince Charming is immune? Maybe Sammy isn't (immune to it, I mean)


(PS: we watched the LMM so many times even Prince Charming has the songs memorized. We only have the VHS version & we get a kick out watching the previews because they date the releases up the up & coming "feature film" !)

Chris Dodaj said...

Rita!! So happy it's over with! Having just gone through that - I feel 10000 times better than I did five weeks ago and soon you will too!
Stay well!!