Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 1–Done!

photo (1)
Well it’s been a difficult week. More like a roller coaster really. Some days I was like, this isn’t hard at all, then the next, I didn’t want to get out of bed. One day, I didn’t even want to read my daily blog feed….GASP….EEK!!!  I know, for my fellow bloggers, this is like our livelihood. I mean we can’t get through our day with out our daily reads. Am I right?!

Ashley said she knew something was wrong that day and she was right.  Fellow girls I will lay it out on the line for you. I will be real and I won’t hold back!!! Everyone else, you will want to click off this page now…it’s about to get ugly.  Like “terrible – awful” ugly, and if you have read or saw “The Help” you will understand that foreshadowing!!

Yep, it had been 3 going on 4 days and I hadn’t gone to the restroom! I hadn’t really thought about it. I don’t know why but that fateful day, I called the doctor and told her of my dilemma. She informed me that I needed to make it happen or report to the ER. It was that bad! HOLY COW, what the hell??? Why the heck didn’t they tell me this in the hospital??? 
So I get my shoes on and Ashley and I go to CVS for something to help me poop!!! So disgusting I know. I totally wouldn't tell you all this but I feel like we are all close friends and I don’t want anyone to go through this mess if you don’ have to. And it’s not like we are in age of innocence and can’t say “the word”. We live in a world of reality TV, so yes, I said poop!

Anyway it sucked. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t get comfortable. I had a heating pad on my back and one on my stomach.

Needless to say, things FINALLY worked out and I didn’t have to take a trip to the ER. Thank goodness!!
With the exception of that mess, I’ve only been sore for the most part and my tongue still tingles from the first attempt at putting me under. Isn’t that crazy!!  Which has messed with my taste buds a bit and my eating habits have changed a bit as well. Oh and I’ve lost about 6 pounds. The hard way people, don’t do this for the weight loss! I’m sure I’ll get them back. Those fellas love me too much to leave me for long :) But I’ll see what I can do to prevent that~

Other than that, Ashley’s been a good sitter. This is a list of the movies we’ve watched while I’ve been home:


1.The Little Mermaid
2.The Help (This should have been a tale tell sign!)
3.The Secret World of Arrietty
4. Hotel Transylvania (so cute)
5. The Descendants
6. Lincoln
7. Les Miserables
8. Mulan
9. 10 Years

Oh and this one I watched with Sammy… The Color Purple. I’d never seen it before.

So there’s my list! Today is Brianna’s day to help me since Ashley is babysitting my niece and nephew, and so far I’ve been lucky enough to see her play video games all morning and grunt when I tell her to get me something. Gotta love that girl!!!

The last thing I wanted to share is that when I’ve read over my blog list, and I mean thoroughly since I’ve been home, I can’t help but to see a difference in some that I never really saw before. I ended up cleaning my list up a bit. Some of these blogs I read every so often and I know if I were to meet these people in real life, we would probably really clash. Which is hard because I don’t really clash with anyone. Seriously.  Some people are mean actually. I ended up taking a second look at what I was reading, which were pretty much my guilty pleasures during lunch break at work but I don’t think I’ll do that anymore. I even read some to Ashley and she said they sounded like jerks. That’s saying a lot from someone who’s never read their blog before. Anyway, just needed to vent about that.

I also wanted to Thank a few people who helped me this week with wonderful kindness and sweet words to help me during stressful days!!

My family, especially Ashley who has been at my beck and call this week, Turnkey who sent beautiful flowers and a bear!!, Chris D. who has gone through this and knows the poop info would have been helpful ( I promise, I do appreciate you!!!!), Sam (mom to fat dogs), Cassie (of Course!!), Cindy, Terri, Amy, Carla, and Charlotte!!  Thanks guys, couldn’t get though this week without any of you!!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tossed and Turned Tuesday– It was mint to be

Last week you got to see this taped up mess of a desk, but after stripping layers of tape and discovering her inner beauty, she was perfect for my sister Olivia. Liv had wanted a minty desk to go with her gray room, and I was more than happy to oblige. Here’s what I came up with!




The only change I made (other than the fabulous paint-lift) was change the knobs on the top. At first the top drawer had two pulls, but since I was one short, I just found two matching knobs and used those instead.


Here’s a refresher of the misunderstood piece I made over.


Thanks and remember I’ll be taking it easy so YOU SHOULD TOO!!


You can find me linking this awesome desk here:

Photobucket Furniture Feature FridaysElizabeth and Co.PJH Designs

Monday, May 20, 2013

Taking it easy- post surgery


All done and it wasn’t half bad actually. Aside from the sore throat, which wasn’t NEARLY as bad as last time, I feel quite normal.  I will however be taking it easy the next few weeks. I think with the drugs that were pumped in me, I felt like I hadn’t undergone extensive surgery but today…let’s just say I’m moving at the speed of a turtle. Which is good…I think~!

Anyway, for those of you who have followed this journey, you know last time didn’t go so smooth and I had a sore throat. I couldn't talk, or eat but this time is much better. I can do both and only have a mild sore throat. Which dealing with what I did last time, this is SO MUCH BETTER. Only now I have 5 healing incisions and I’m super sore. But Ash and I did watch “The Little Mermaid” today so that’s already tons better.

I also wanted to mention the difference going into surgery this time was I had to inhale on gas first which numbed my tongue then throat. This made it easier for the doctors to get the tubes down my throat and the best thing is I don’t remember them doing it. (Praise the Lord!). I so did not want to remember any of that.

So now I’m home and resting and taking advice from good ol’ Kunu cat. He believes that if you rest and look pathetic doing it, everyone will think you’re perfect and will come to your aid and feed you.  I don’t believe it but I’m willing to test it out.

Talk to you tomorrow,


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrown Away Thursday- Holy Tape Batman!

I’m all about using tape to fix things up, but never on furniture! In fact, I don’t know what the previous owner of this desk was thinking but I think it’s safe to say he/she was obsessed with tape!






I am not kidding, it was everywhere! The good thing is I only found one part that was actually in need of some glue but other than that, it was in great condition. 

Since my surgery was rescheduled for this Friday, I wanted to get one Tossed and Turned Tuesday done for you so I managed to squeeze this in (somehow). So don’t forget to come back to check in on me. Hopefully this time I won’t have any stupid horror stories…geez!

See you Later,
Rita  a.k.a. the narrow throated creative girlWinking smile

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Name is Rita, and I’m Addicted to Nightstands…We Love You Rita…

I’ll be guest posting for Tami at Curb Alert later this week and as I posted my before and after pictures of a night stand I painted, it got me thinking…”How many nightstands have I done??” Sheesh. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ones I’ve tackled in the last couple of years.

PicMonkey Collage2

Let’s just stop there and call it a day, shall we? That only skimmed a few of the folders I have of photos. I think it’s safe to say I have a problem. HaHa.

I’ll let you know when my guest post is up and you can read what I have to say on using clear vs. dark wax. I love both actually but it’s more fun when you get to see the difference.

Hope you’re having a FANTASTIC Tuesday! Now go out and find a nightstand and paint it Winking smile

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Surgery That Wasn't :(

Hi guys… it turns out I haven’t had my surgery yet so I wanted to quickly update you on the fun fiasco I endured this weekend.

FRIDAY…I got to the hospital at 5 in the morning. I was prepped for surgery, eventually wheeled off and good to go.

Then…I woke up… to a lady I vaguely remember saying….”Rita…Rita…we canceled your surgery”. It was in that voice you hear on the movies when someone is talking in slow motion and their face is a blur and you can’t make heads or tails of what the hell is going on or where you are. Yep… It was one of those moments.

I sort of remember being wheeled back into the room and someone saying they were going to call my family. Again, everything is hazy and I don’t remember much at all at this point.

Come to find out the surgery was cancelled because they couldn’t get the tubes I needed to breath down my throat! Imagine that, the one skinny thing I have is a skinny throat! They tried for a little over an hour before giving up and calling it quits.

I was told I could leave the hospital after drinking water, eating a cracker and using the restroom. The hardest part of that whole process was eating and drinking. My throat was as raw as could be and I even had a small cut on the corner of my mouth where I assume they tried to open it further than it would go. Saying it sucked was the understatement of the world! Granted, I can be a wee bit dramatic, but holy crap was I in pain. I couldn’t talk, eat or drink. Not to mention that Anesthesia was all in my system so I was nauseous and dizzy.

Eventually I made myself eat a couple of bites of the cracker but had to soak them with water to get it down.
After leaving the hospital, I was out of it for the rest of the day. Sammy tried to get me to eat mashed potatoes but I stopped after a few bites because of the pain.

That pretty much summed up the weekend. I ate what I could and sucked on lozengers all weekend. In fact I’m down to my last two!! Oh but I did manage to lose TWO POUNDS since Friday (Rainbow colored glasses people).

I don’t have a new date set yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll let you know.
Thanks again for thinking of me and my 'almost' surgery. I appreciate you all and Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!


Friday, May 03, 2013

Blog Makeover!!

So first of all, shout out to Chris over at Hubby Jack’s Blog Attack for my make over!! WOO HOO!! I needed it, that’s for sure and yes, you will notice I decided to add a fun photo of myself  on my side bar, over yonder. I like to be mysterious and all, but if I wait to actually get thin before taking a decent photo, you’ll never see me.  Darn those jeans in the back of my closet!! 

Anywho, I won this make over and LOVE IT!!! The colors speak to me and say “yes…finally…she got it right”

So what do you think? 

OHHHHHH!!!  and I have a button…yes…I DO…I have  an awesome button that you can add to your blog. I love it. And the fact that this was done on Friday is the icing on the chocolate cake!

Again, thank you Chris, I love it!
And to everyone who voted- I appreciate you!!


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

What I’ve Turned Into

Nope, I can’t seem to stop collecting more stuff than I can handle!! I have more “non-furniture” items in my booth than “furniture” items…eek! The good thing is, it’s actually kept me afloat while my furniture is not selling, but it’s also really addicting and I’m having a tough time stopping myself from collecting more and more.

Welcome to my crazy nick knack, tchotchke, retro/vintage world…enter at your own risk!


Crazy Awesome, Right?!

I guess, I figure that since I see stuff like this sell, not to mention the fact that I run across the same stuff ALL THE TIME, why not sell it in my own booth. On the plus side, it helps when furniture sales are low (like now) but the bad thing is it’s very addicting. I want to all of this stuff…NOW!! I’m surprised I haven’t started to sing “I want it now” by Varuca Salt on Willy Wonka…oh wait…I did do that once!

See what I mean, I need help, I need to be stopped!!

A week away from surgery(yuk) and I’m working like crazy to get things ready for me being out. This includes training my replacement whom is WONDERFUL….she’s a talker like me and we get along great. I’m sure it’ll drive my coworker crazy because she was probably looking forward to the break from me...haha…I LOVE IT!!

I’ll also be working at my “real” job on Saturday and Lula B’s on Sunday, so I doubt very seriously that I’ll be working on furniture this weekend. Not like it’s selling anyway. Not that I’m bitter about it!! NOT ONE BIT!!

See ya later, Rita!!