Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Washington Trip

Hi everyone! You’re all getting a pretty special treat today, because you’re getting a post from none other than Rita’s own personal sunshine supplier, Ashley! In case you guys don’t know (you should!) Rita’s my mom, and I’m the 19 year old in college.
So here’s the backstory for those of you who might not know. All the freshman at my school did this essay, and the top 40 would be chosen to go to DC over spring break. I have no idea how it happened but mine was one of the ones chosen! This is the rundown of my little adventure Smile
First off, my best friend’s essay was chosen too, so these people have been blessed with two rays of sunshine! But our flight was at 6 in the morning, and they wanted us to meet up to leave at 3 AM!! Is that not the craziest thing?! And me and Ellie haven’t been on an airplane EVER. So that whole experience was crazy. We stayed up all night, and then our first plane ride had turbulence like nobody’s business. We flew to Chicago though, and from there went to DC and that flight was awesome. I had the greatest view!!
Once we got to DC, you could immediately see we were not in Texas anymore. Everyone was running. Everyone. And these people had some serious problems, they were in such a big hurry and didn’t even smile! Rude! Everything we visited was really cool though. We went to two of the Smithsonian Museums, the American History Museum and the Natural History Museum. We went and saw all the monuments on this night tour and learned all kinds of stuff! Enough of that, picture time!
IMG_3026-002    IMG_3077-001   IMG_3099-001   IMG_3100-001     IMG_3093-001IMG_3075-001
IMG_3031-001  LincolnMemIMG_3033-001  statueIMG_3034-001    NationalMon1   NationalMon2TJ      NatArchives
Museam1SubwayDCDonuts    DCDonuts2photo (1)-001      photo-001
I hope you enjoyed my daughter’s Washington Trip photos!!  And just know she is studying to be an elementary school teacher so one day she may be your child’s ray of sunshine too! Thanks, see ya later!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

yay! what an amazing trip! thank you for sharing, ashley!

Twice Nice said...

Congrats on winning that trip Ashley! Thanks for sharing the pics, and I just want to say that I think the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after seeing the photos of the houses and doors!! Love that coral door too!

momma_drea said...

I love that girl.. She is so Awesome!!

momtofatdogs said...

Just remember, baby girl, Texas is STILL "the south". And you know you're not in THE SOUTH when you go "north", too far "west", or too far "east". Though Savannah is well worth going to! Enjoyed the pictures!


Vickie Mireles said...

Okay, you probably won't be able to respond to this comment b/c I have my acct set up and I'm too dumb to fix it.
Ash will make the best teacher!!!! I read this entry "in her voice". :)

Anonymous said...

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