Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Tossed And Turned Tuesday- Olivia’s Dresser

The bad part about some of the “treasures” I find is that sometimes the secrets they hide aren’t that good after all (sad). Like this one for example. I picked up Olivia’s dresser/vanity at a yard sale for $10. That was a wonderful price I might add! The man even delivered it to me for free since it was huge and I didn’t live far, which was another perk! Well, now that I’ve gotten the chance to start to work on it, I see that the top piece is in pretty bad shape. So bad that I had to let go and just finish the bottom dresser part on it’s own. 
Remember me saying that they didn’t seem to go together too well. When repainting, it doesn’t really matter because I’ll paint it to match but in this case, the bottom is solid wood (and I mean solid) and the top is particle board. Sometimes you can get away with painting particle board but to me, it depends on the compression of that wood. That’s what will tell you if it will stand the test of time, even if it’s only a little time. This wasn’t going to withstand much of anything at all. The wood was too far gone and it was coming apart all over the place. The compact wood was so soft it was like trying to nail material together. Yeah, not good at all. And yes, it breaks my heart (like big time). So after consulting with Olivia, we decided to finish the bottom and find a different mirror for the top. Or maybe a stand alone mirror that we can mount on the wall.

No mirror, but no crazy knobs and pulls either!  For $10, I would say she we still got a great deal, considering she is getting a great dresser out of it, wouldn’t you??
This piece itself was a monster. It was super heavy and had so many holes and scrapes. I really had to pull out the big guns with the wood filler that’s for sure.
IMG_1450  IMG_1453IMG_1455  IMG_1456
I also decided to change out the drawer pulls. Of course I had a big selection that they previous owner left me with but decided in the end that they were rather yucky (my technical term) and I didn’t want to reuse them. I found other pulls I got at a yard sale last year and they worked like a charm.
This piece actually has six drawers. The top two thin ones. Then the second drawers are single drawers and the last four are two big drawers. Does that make sense? And did I mention it weighs a ton. Yeah good luck getting that upstairs to Liv’s room!.
And just so you can see the part I couldn’t use, I took a couple of photos of it. I started to prime it in hopes that I could save it but it wasn’t savable.
Here you can see the fraying wood and the nails that didn’t grip to ANYTHING.
And of course, lets’ not forget what it looked like before:
And just because there aren’t pulls/knobs in the bottom drawer, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t holes there. There were a total of 24 holes on this one piece.
And After:
See you tomorrow for a Post from Ashley!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

what a difference- it looks beautifully updated!

momtofatdogs said...

Awesome Flip Rita! I love it. It looks so nice & clean & perky. Too bad about the top. While you're out on your hunting / gathering escapades keep you eyes open for old butcher block tops or solid doors. You could re-purpose those for tops of dressers! We have several Habitat-For-Humanity Re-Stores in our area. Soemtimes we get good doors. My quilting friend got a solid mohogany door for $30. I know that's more than you pay...but you could have got 3 dresser tops out of it! It was THAT big.

Great Show & Tell!


Twice Nice said...

What a pretty, pretty update! It's mind boggling how many knobs they can stick on a dresser like this. You nailed it, and I'm sure you'll find her a gorgeous mirror to go with it!

Olivia said...

Ahhhh!!! I LOVE IT! I probably won't see it for another 3 weeks, but that's okay. I gotta start lifting weights so I'm prepared to get it upstairs. ;)

Vickie Mireles said...

Very nice.......I should have hired you to do Mia's furniture.

Sammy said...

This is in my backyard and I haven't even seen it yet, I'm ashamed! Either way, I love the simple elegance of the black and white! Two thumbs up!

Sammy said...

This is in my backyard and I haven't even seen it yet, I'm ashamed! Either way, I love the simple elegance of the black and white! Definitely two thumbs up and I'm very proud of my precious!!