Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tossed And Turned Tuesday - Dipped Stools

I’ve don’t typically lie, cheat or steal but when it comes to furniture designs, I just can’t be trusted! Whether it’s a chair or table I see, or even a paint color that just speaks to me, I know in my heart …I must recreate this.  I mean, I never had an imaginary friend growing up, but furniture just talks to me. And yes, sometimes I answer back.

That’s why when I saw this picture in the magazine (not to mention that price tag), I was like “WHAATTTT!!?? $300 for stools that I can pick up at a yard sale for Three bucks!?!?” Pfff yea …I totally had that moment and said that stuff in my head! …commence ripping page slowly and quietly to avoid detection…

Now I didn’t do it exactly as I saw it in the magazine but that’s not to say it could not be done. I wasn’t about to strip off that black paint in order to get this raw wood look. Instead, I went with blue and white as my color pallet and this was my end result.


Oh and I didn’t spend 3 buck either haha. More like $18 so that’s still not too bad. The chairs alone were $5 each and I had to buy spray paint which I was out of. But hell, considering I could have purchased a set for a few hundred dollars, $18 suites me just fine!

Not too bad from once looking like this:


So what knock-offs are you working on? Or have you already done? I’ve shown you two so far, so now it’s your turn, right?!

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

love these! the colors are divine! :) very beachy!

momtofatdogs said...

I agree with Cassie. Very So Cal. Or Miami - (whichever you prefer)....as far as projects on the back burner??? Are you SURE you want to know? I got 4 weeks. 4 weeks & my official duties as care-co-provider for my grandson while my daughter attends grad-school will be DONE !! And I got them piled up. Projects , I mean.


Tami @ Curb Alert! said...

Love the color you chose! Pretty!