Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tossed and Turned Tuesday– 2 Bright Chairs

Quick story:

I got a text this weekend from an old high school buddy that read
“guess who I’m sitting next to that loves Curbside Creations??”.

I was like “WHO?????”

He said “Miriam from high school”.

Miriam was my “big sis” from Drill Team. It turns out she liked my Facebook page and had no idea it was me!!

Apparently they ran into each other and got to talking about old friends they still talk to. He brought up my name and my furniture stuff and she said she didn’t know it was me but she loved my furniture! Isn’t that funny! He put her on the phone and we talked for a while. She mentioned that a week or so ago, her neighbor had a yard sale and she told her husband that she bet the “Curbside Creations Lady” would do something neat to a piece of furniture she had.

ISN’T THAT CRAZY!! I was so excited and it made my day!! Anyway just thought I’d share that “small world” story!!

Now onto the chairs!!

Ok, so I asked for your help on these chairs and got a couple of suggestions. A couple of you wanted them to be a bright yellow or green.  Again, I didn’t have plans for these yet, so was up for any suggestions. I looked in my stash of paint to see what cool bright colors I had. I found one green color that was actually really old so I tossed it and a couple of yellows I had on hand. I tried one but it came out really bright and not so pretty at all (sorry). The other yellow was to dull so instead of either of these colors, I decided on a compromise.


I chose a fabric with some yellows and greens instead and just painted the chairs white. I figured, this would be easier to match with someone’s décor than the yellow I had, and still incorporate the suggested colors.
Win, Win !! (??) I hope so anyway!


Still Love these legs!


Side note: Precaution to purchasing painted black furniture. Black is great for hiding imperfections in furniture, so make sure you notice these things. For example, It looks like a dog used this chair as a chew toy. There were so many bite marks that when I painted it white, they seemed to pop up all over the place. I opted to keep them as added charm to these chairs. Plus I’m a dog lover so I look at them as scars that tell a story.
Someone somewhere, had a crazy chair eating dog that’s for sure. You know we’ve all owned one of those before …


And in other news:  I decided not to do my Tuesday and Thursday transformations this week because I don’t know what the heck to expect with my medical crap, so I’ll put that on hold until I know for sure. BUT DON’T WORRY…you’ll still hear from me, lord knows I can’t stop talking(writing). And, I realize, I’m your guilty pleasure that  you have to read…so I would never dream of depriving you!!

Ta Ta for now but If I paint anything, I promise to post it Winking smile



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is so neat! and the chairs look great- much brighter! i always use wunderfil on dog bite areas- it's never perfect but it always helps!

Twice Nice said...

Love the chairs in white, makes them so crisp and clean! Oh doggies, God made them so cute when they are little that it's easy to forget their little teeth scarring up the furniture! ;-) Take care of yourself Rita!!

Colleen said...

Love the way the chairs turned out! Gotta love the chair's "war wounds" which she hid pretty well! LOL!

Really love the fabric, super pretty results!

Kammy Wielenga said...

I love these! Chew marks and all. Thanks for making me feel better too, I just paint right over that stuff... haha. OH and that "small world" thing - I can totally appreciate that - that's jut awesome!!!!! That Curbside Creations Lady... you're famous! :)