Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thrown Away Thursday- Just a couple of chairs…

JUST a couple of chairs??? JUST a couple of chairs you say?

Yeah, I know when some of you open this post, you’ll say “wow, she’s repairing a couple of chairs…ooooohh…wow”(eye roll).

Let me remind you that there were many an artist who took pen to “just paper” or paint to  “just canvas” so alas, these chairs are no different.



I super heart love these legs too! I just need to replace that so called seat cover first.

So any takers on what color the chairs should be?  You can tell me, I don’t have any ideas for them yet.


Before I go, let me say a big THANKS to all my peeps who voted on Hubby Jack’s blog for me. I feel loved that’s for sure and know I love ya back!  On a bad note however, you have to be a follower of his blog and I totally skipped over that part but it’s fine, you love me and supported me and that’s all that matters, am I right??

Well, It’s gonna be a long working weekend and since I started my day off at the gyno (yuk) only to find out I need surgery (double yuk!), lets just say I’ll keep it short and end my post now. If I drank beer, I’d do it now. Instead I’m indulging in ice cream!

So thanks again and until next week…


Colleen said...

I think these chairs would look great in a glossy yellow, with an oilcloth seat, the seat could be a nice pattern with turquoise, white and yellow in it!

Twice Nice said...

Super, super yuk to surgery! You take care my friend. Those chairs are going to be swanky no matter what color strikes your fancy!

momtofatdogs said...

How about turquise chars. LIke peacock turquise. Really BRIGHT & red chevron print seat covers? Sort of retro 50's vibe.


Christi said...

Found you through Hubby Jack's blog. Congrats on the win by the way... I love the look of these chairs. I love when people re-hab old worn out furniture. I have given a few chairs and an old desk new life for my sons room.