Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrown Away Thursday- Another Hair Brain Plan Involving Stools!

I came across a picture in a magazine the other day while I was waiting to get my car’s oil changed. It was a piece of furniture that caught my eye and knew I wanted to try my had at replicating. So of course I tore the picture out of the magazine and snuck it in my purse…I mean I wasn’t going to steal the magazine (especially with the mechanic guy standing RIGHT THERE!).  It looked easy enough to do and all I needed were…barstools!

Well I found them this past Saturday and now I get to play with this idea!! Yay!


And since this post is totally boring, let me end with something stupid I did the other day. 

Ok so you all know I work as a move coordinator, right? What that means is we move business units from one building to another and inter-regionally. Still doesn’t really matter, it’s beside the point anyway. Last week, we moved over 100 people from floor to floor within my building and spent a couple of late nights doing it. On one of those late nights, we had to inspect some furniture (me and my counterpart, Amy). During the inspection we stopped by what we knew needed to be a 5’ long table. We were so tired and out of it at this point and we couldn’t decide if it was 4 ‘or 5’.  We were way too tired to try to find a tape measure so I looked at Amy and said… “we’ll I’m 5 foot tall… should I lay on it?”.  She said “yes”, so I did and guess what? My legs hung off the table so we deemed it a 4‘  table. Don’t know if that brightens anyone’s day but we had a good laugh!

Moral of the story: If you see someone laying on a table at work, it might just be that they actually measuring the table. 

Hope you have a great Thursday!  Rita


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

those stools look to be about one half a rita, whereas the table is a rita. ;) new term of measurement.

Twice Nice said...

Ha! Love Cassie's description of measurement. You crack me up Rita! have fun with the bar stools.

Vickie Mireles said...

You are so silly. :) I want to hear about the carpet.

Tami @ Curb Alert! said...

Oh I have quietly "borrowed" a few magazine pages out of doctors offices many many times! They don't mind, right? I have the same bar stools that have been screaming makeover, can't wait to see yours.

Decorating Lady's Humble Abode said...

Okay, I confess...I have an addiction to borrowing magazines from places I have to wait at. Like Dr. offices, ect. LOl. But, never at a friend or families house. They just slip into my purse some how. Don't you just hate it when you are half way through a magazine and they at last call your name? Thanks for sharing. Humble Abode