Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Battle of PaintBallian…(dun, dun, dun)

Warning:  This is not for the faint of heart – nor the easily bored from long stories.

In a battlefield far, far away lived two opposing kingdoms known as the Noble and the Covenant.
The Noble consisted of acting commander Brianna and her team, Bianca, Marcus, Jessica and Alexis.
Their Mission: Defeat the Covenant by protecting the Planet Earth by any means necessary.

. 1

They knew the challenge that lay in front of them. The Covenant was notorious for their team of Elite’s,  Grandpa Tony, Father Sam, Uncle Chris and the most infamous and radical of them all, Cousin Alec!


Off to planet PaintBallian to combat this crew and ultimately save their planet.


The Noble geared up and headed for battle!

Meanwhile, preparing for Sector 1, the Covenant planned their battle that would surely make it hard for the Noble to come out victorious.  Leader and commander Grandpa Tony never lost a battle and was not ready to start now. He let his first lieutenant, Father Sammy direct the his radicle team of Elites to their victory.
Off the Covenant went to claim their first win against the Noble.


The battle of Sector 1 was hard and in the end the Covenant prevailed. With uncle Chris on their side, known for his quick moves and sporadic attack measurements, this first battle was an easy win for the Covenant.  This left the Earth in eminent danger!!


Cousin Alec, being the crazy sinister team member, was fueled by the rampage and took the most lives. Luckily, the Noble were able to respawn and prepare for Sector 2.


The wounds brought by the fight of Sector 1 were many, but the Noble were able to regenerate and prepare for the second battle of which would be long and hard, but inevitably, determine the victor.


The Covenant also received their fair share of hits and realized, the Nobel came to win and save their dear planet!!

Meanwhile…back at the campsite…
Lovely Nurse Ashley, who accompanied the Noble on their quest to save earth, tended to wounds and sent the team on their way to Sector 2 with warm wishes and rainbows.
That didn’t really help much really, but in her heart of hearts, she knew this love she showed them would aid them in being victorious!!


The Noble and the Covenant moved on to their second battle that would end this battle forever.

The second fight was brutal and seemed to last forever. Of course, this did nothing to prevent the Covenant’s Uncle Chris from holding back . With his cat like moves, he was able to maneuver throughout the field without detection.


Young, Cousin Alec was unstoppable until he was finally hit by one of the Nobel's members, and out of the battle!!

Father Sammy remained on the prowl and was undefeatable but he didn’t realize on the other side of the battlefield, Commander, Grandpa Tony had been eliminated from the battle.


In the end, the fight was long and hard and war wounds were a plenty but the Noble prevailed!!
Back at the campsite, they compared their battle scars. Scars that would forever be a reminder that that day on PaintBallian, they overcame the Covenant and saved their beloved planet Earth!


The End!


Twice Nice said...

Well holy cow! I've changed my mind, I'm too chicken to play that game!
;-) Ouch!

Chris Mireles said...

Whew! Excellent read.

It appears my Cat-Like style of attack was not enough to overtake Team Noble.