Friday, April 05, 2013

Keeping it in The Family

Well this week was different, that’s for sure. I ended up doing a post Mon-Thurs so why not end the week off right and  do one for Friday as well.  I don’t know if that was a treat for you all or what, but I guess you’ll tell me, right?! Regardless, I’m glad I got to fulfill a weeks’ worth of  posts, so check that off my life’s TO DO list (I really aim for the sky don’t  I?).

This week, with the exception of Monday,  I kept it in the family.
I began the week with a home décor Knock off. So simple anyone can do it!


On Tuesday, I showed you Olivia’s (my youngest sister) new dresser reveal.

Wednesday was a guest post from my daughter Ashley about her trip to Washington D.C

Thursday’s “Thrown Away Thursday” is a table my nephew Adrian and I are redoing.

And today is my little recap of all of the above.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s posts, just don’t get used to it because I’m sure I’ll go back to my lazy ways…but you never know! Part of me wants to ask if I should try to write daily and about what, but then when I hear crickets, I totally get discouraged and cry and think no one loves me. Then on the other hand I’m like, I am WOMAN hear me ROAR (even if you don’t want to). So it’s whatever, totally up to you my peeps!! I still love you!

Yay, one week down…hmmm what else can I write about…See ya later,Rita!!


Twice Nice said...

Have a super weekend Rita!

momma_drea said...

You are Awesome and I love you!!