Monday, April 01, 2013

Home Décor Knock Off–Block Houses

First Knock of what I HOPE to be more to come!

So I promised some knock offs of some things I’ve seen that ANYONE can do, right?! Yes that means you. Even if you can’t draw, or paint, or make pottery (Cindy). YES, you can do it too. And if it kills me, I’ll find a way to make it happen.  Who’s in??

My first knock off isn’t anything really expensive, but something I’ve seen from one of my FAVORITE Furniture Refurbishers (like I gasp when I see her furniture)! Her name is Barb Blair and I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you know exactly who I’m talking about. She’s the Oprah of furniture! Anyway, she has her own shop and is living my dream really.  Not only does her shop feature furniture but other home décor as well.  Enough already…moving on.

I found these houses she posted about one time and although they are not expensive at all (price tag is $22 for the set), being the thrifty person I am, I thought “I can totally do that for cheaper”. Famous last words, right?!

But here’s the  thing … I did.

Here is Barb’s version of  small wooden houses ($22):

And here’s mine ($2):

Now granted, I was lucky to find these at my thrift shop,  but that’s not to say you don’t have some in your child’s toy box right now. If you do, snatch those puppies up  and lie and tell them the tooth fairy took ‘em.

The houses I found were .65 cents each(Awesome right!).

BlockHouse_Bef1  BlockHouse_Bef2
I’ll go ahead and tell you the process I used so that if you try this yourself you won’t be surprised by anything. Keep in mind all these things I had on hand so no extra money was spent but again, use what you have. Don’t go out and buy anything if you don’t have to!!:
1. I sprayed primer on mine. You DON’T have to but I did just because I was painting them white and the buildings were red. Plus I had some on hand so skip this part if you don’t have primer. You don’t necessarily need it and I don’t want to lose you in step. 1.
2. You can use white spray paint or paint with a brush. I chose spray paint because it goes on more even. It’s your preference.
3. You will notice on the tops and sides of my houses, the spray paint did not go all the way through. That’s because the exposed wood is very porous and it eats that spray paint right up. On these areas, I went back over it with my small paint brush and latex paint. Worked like a charm.
Houses2  Houses3  Houses4
4. After they all dried, I placed my blue tape to mark of the areas that I wanted to separate.
5. I mixed some old paint I had to make a dark shade of gray rather than black. I didn’t want it to be too stark.
6. I did two coats. Don’t forget to let the first coat dry completely. You can see the brushstrokes in my first layer. The second conceals all of that nonsense.
Houses6    Houses7
7. After the second coat I removed the blue tape. Remember some bleeding will occur. So go back and touch that up with your small paintbrush.
8. DONE!

I hope you enjoyed my small, yet fun, knock off tutorial. I had fun anyway and I really have wanted to do these houses for a while now. Yay, so glad I did. See you tomorrow!

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