Monday, April 15, 2013

A Monday Quickie

Gosh you guys have your head in the gutter!! I mean a quickie makeover, as in this only took me 24 hours from the time I bought it, to the time it was redone (shaking my head)!

I found this chair at just about the only yard sale I had time to look at on Saturday.  We had a Paint ball party for Brianna and were leaving early to drive 45 minutes away to Waxahachie, TX.  We had lots to do that day before we left but I still managed to get ONE piece of furniture that day.


This guy only cost me $2 and with details like this, how could I pass it up? Even if I had to strap it to my back and lug it home, it was coming with me!


Oh and don’t worry, I didn’t get any dirty looks from Sammy when I was supposed to be at home preparing for this party, rather than out combing the streets looking for garage sales! Especially after saying I had little money and then coming home with this guy! NO, he wasn’t perturbed…at…all. 

The party by the was was so much fun. It was a loooonnnngg day but in the end the kids had fun.  Oh and the grown up kids did too!

Here’s the kiddo’s before and after photos. You can tell who hid really well (they would be the clean ones)!


Brianna is the one in the gray V-neck. She gets her boobs from her mom, poor child!!

And now, back to my chair!
I cleaned out my paints and found this color that was cool. It’s kind of gray with blue with a hint of lavender, but in the photo it looks white(??).  I’m just calling it “prism” and moving on. So, here’s my latest chair painted in Prism!! haha



Have a great Monday!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

oh i love that sweet chair painted! adorable! and LOVE the paintball before and after shots- haha!

Twice Nice said...

Lovin' Prism's color! Looks like all had a great time. My kids want to go...I'm working on mu courage.

Decorating Lady's Humble Abode said...

This made me laugh so hard. I to have stopped at a garage sale while I was supposed to be doing something else. Like the time I was moving and stopped and picked up a few things...I just couldn't live with out. I just added them to my already very full van and continued on my way to meet my husband at the new house. LOL My poor daughter gets her boobs, or lack of boobs from me. Poor girl. Love the chair. Humble Abode

amy moore said...

The chair looks great, LOVE the white.