Friday, April 12, 2013

5 things!

1. I’m Hispanic and don’t know Spanish nor cook Mexican food (like at all). In fact, I bombed at my first and only attempt at cooking rice.
2. I have no fashion sense so I don’t have many shoes or cute clothes. In fact, just about everything is black and the stuff I do have is outnumbered by the amount of “painting” attire I wear. Sad but true!
3. I used to be a graphic artist for a few years. I have a creative eye but unfortunately it doesn’t come into play when cutting hair. I tried cutting Brianna’s once and said “I AM a graphic ARTIST, I can cut a straight line”. Unfortunately that wasn’t true!
4. I have a big, big heart! (That you already knew) but I bet you didn’t know this story. Hopefully this will be the short version! Ok, so when I had Ashley, I was pretty poor. Sammy and I did what we could to make ends meet. One day she needed formula and I had about ten dollars to my name so off to Target I went to get what I could. As I approached Target, there was a homeless lady drenched in the rain and she had no socks, sweater, etc and looked to be freezing!! I drove up to Target, ran in and got the 5 cans that I could afford. My heart was still on the woman so I put two back and went to buy her some socks. I took them to her and cried. Three weeks later, my grandma called me to tell me a friend of hers had a grandson that was allergic to “similac with iron” (which is what Ashley was on) so she gave what she had to my grandma for me to pick up. That day I got a three and half months’ supply of formula for Ashley. My Grandma and I cried and knew God was watching over me that rainy night! (gives me goosebumps every time!)
5. I never finished college – I was pregnant with Ashley my first year of community college (such a statistic!) and I gave birth the week of my finals. I never went back. I live vicariously through Ashley though, so that works, and I am still smarter than the average bear... but I do have regrets sometimes. I would have been a wonderful sorority sister. But this blog sorority isn’t too shabby either!

I hope you enjoyed looking into the inner workings of me, the Curbside Creator. If you ever have the inkling to know more about me, feel free to ask and I can meet you for coffee or something and we can have a good chat, haha! I love that kind of stuff.

Ok, go off and have a great FRIDAY!


Tami @ Curb Alert! said...

It's a date! - for coffee that is...the next time you are in Houston give me a shout!

Twice Nice said...

I so wish we lived closer together! Thank you Rita for sharing all that about yourself. The story about the socks had me tearing up, but I was not bit surprised that you bought those for her. Not one bit. You are a treasure my friend!

momtofatdogs said...

Ha! I'm Italian (only 1/2...) and all my Italian cooking is from books. I had Sarah @ 18, didn't graduate High School - got my GED - we're not so far apart you & I!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

so fun to learn more about you! and i am with you on fashion and shoes- i don't own many shoes and am not a fashionista in the least!