Monday, March 04, 2013

Tossed and Turned Tuesday–Made my own chalk paint and for the love of trees…

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Mine was less than eventful but I think I’m going to start a weekly “To Do” list so I can feel like I’ve accomplished something during my weekend.  I always have the best intentions for my weekends but they eventually end up a blur and are gone way to fast. Not to mention, I’ll start on one thing, go on to the next and the next,  and when I look back at what I’ve done, I haven’t accomplished one single solitary thing. Does that happen to you too???

Case in point, I finished painting my side table that I’m about to show you, but then put it aside before I put a finishing coat of wax on it. Then I woke up Monday morning thinking “CRAP, I didn’t finish”. So seriously guys, Rita needs some help!  Whether it is physically or mentally, I have no idea but I’m so all over the place it’s ridiculous!

Before I get onto another topic, let me show you these “after” photos so that I can check that off my list! Ha ha!


I love Gray, what can I say. This was actually my first attempt at making my own chalk paint and for my first go around I will have to say I think I added too much “Plaster of Paris”. I got that recipe from Cassie at Primitive and Proper. I don’t think I measured correctly and ended up with really thick paint. The good thing is I used one of my 50 cent “oops” paint colors, but I still think it turned out pretty well.

The end result was almost a cement look that I loved but the dark wax coating gave it a nice sheen that I thought it needed.  I also darkened the drawer pull with my Metallic Spray paint. Love that stuff!


Since this color gave it such a masculine feel, I though it would be nice to add some floral paper in the drawer to give it the best of both worlds! I had this floral shelf liner from Laura Ashley that I bought at Marshall’s, who knows how long ago. It was on clearance so I know it was cheap but since I hadn’t used it yet, I thought this would be be a nice piece for it’s first debut!




Ok, I do actually have a small story for you that is strange ( to me anyway). I have this neighbor, nice guy but it troubles me that he has this weird relationship with these tree stumps in his front yard. I say relationship because this goes back a while. So, it started with a couple of trees in his front yard. They were pretty massive trees that out of the blue he chopped down to about three feet off the ground.  Ok, nothing crazy there, but then one day he was out there watering the stump.  I’m like “ok, cut the tree down, water the stump”. I don’t get it but I’m sure there is some meaning to it right??? Whatever…skip to weeks going by and this guy would water the stupid stump. Why do you cut down a tree just to water it?? So I tell my friends about it and attempt to get a photo of this craziness. That stopped when I was in my bedroom trying to balance myself on one leg from my bed over to my window to get a picture when Brianna came in and yelled “MOM, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING?? YOU’RE GONNA BREAK YOUR NECK!!”  Since I realized that was probably true I opted not to take the picture.

Now skip to a month later, the guy cuts down the remaining stump. OK, you cut the tree…you water the stump….you cut the tree again….why? I mean…why? I just don’t get this.

So this Friday after work, I come home and smell smoke. I figure someone is cooking out. No biggie. Well, come to find out, as I leave the house Saturday morning, there he is outside, burning the stump.  What the FREAK?? He’s B  U R N I N G  the remaining stump. Burning as in I saw flames.  Then he waves at me. I think I’m standing in awe with my jaw down on the ground. I don’t know why this disturbs me nor why I haven’t asked the guy  what the heck he is doing. It’s just weird.  I don’t get it.  Oh and he burned the next one the following day.  I did get a picture on my phone but it came out really blurry.

I seriously don’t know what is more troubling, his infatuation with the stump…or my infatuation with his infatuation with the stump.

Your easily troubled friend,


Posting this lovely table in all it’s glory to these parties:

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Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

the table turned out great after all! i love the lining! and you crack me up!!!!!!

Kammy Wielenga said...

What?! There's such a thing as too much plaster of paris? I just dump heaps in, the thicker the better... haha! Hey, it won't scratch easily that way... also makes for very hard sanding to distress it! :)

✯StaceyAnne✯@Rendition Road said...

Your table is beautiful. I'm less inclined to think it's your mixing ratios & more inclined to think it may just be the brand of paint you used. I've noticed in my own DIY chalk paint adventures I can add the exact same amount of PoP to the exact same amount of paint & depending on the brand...get VERY different results in thickness. One paint in particular kind of freaks me out in that it gets runnier the more PoP I add. Right?! Weird. There is also a certain brand I use that gets extremely thick so I've learned to cut the PoP way down. Either way....your table is beautiful & I'm right there with you on the metallic paint :)

Twice Nice said...

The side table turned out great! I too get different results with different paints. One time my paint was like Marshmallow creme. Funny thought it spread out fine when I painted it. Another time like pudding. Why always like food I say?!
Stump guy...You make me laugh Rita!

Cass said...
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Cass said...

He had Stump Remover mixed in the water. You "water" the stump with this mixture to speed up decomposition. When the stump is dried out, you then burn it to remove the stump. We had nine unwanted trees on our property when we bought our home. That is the method we used to remove our stumps after the trees were cut down. I always felt so silly standing out there watering stumps, and often wondered if the neighbors thought I was insane. I guess you answered that!

Peggy~PJH Designs said...

lol I'm picturing you trying to get that picture when your daughter walked in. Haha. I love your end table. What a difference. Thanks so much for sharing at Transformed Tuesday.
Peggy~PJH Designs