Monday, March 11, 2013

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- Process and Progress

Yeah, I think this was a big piece to handle even if I started working on it little by little every other week. But we all know it’s a process to get things to be as beautiful as we see it in our heads, this piece included!!

Even if it’s not finished, I wanted to show you where I am so far. By the way, thanks to Sammy for holding the back part up so I could take a quick picture for the blog!!  He was getting a little antsy there for a minute.  He even shook his head at me and said “why do you need this photo…now??”. Haha, you’d think he’d learn not to question the method to my madness!

It’s still a work in progress, but you can see it is REALLY starting to take form. Just need some touch ups here and there and it’ll be ready for the side walk sale at Lula B’s this Saturday.
The bulb is still covered up in this photo. I still need to go back and do touch ups and add hardware!

I’m LOVING the way it looks so far!!  Yay!!


Ashley is away visiting Washington DC and I’m proud to report that for her first airplane trip, she did quite well. She said she was nervous but maintained composure. That’s one thing you don’t want to see is a drama queen spazzing out at the airport. She can get a little wordy if you question her motives, not to mention overwhelmed when given too many rules at once. It’s what we call Ashley Syndrome! It was derived from when she was three and couldn’t pick up one single toy from the floor but instead cried forever. When we tried to mover her arms and hands, it’s as if her body shut down and her limbs didn’t work. She still has that in her (So dramatic)! I’ll have her do a post for me when she gets back with photos. Warning, it will more than likely be filled with lots of smiley faces!!

Meanwhile, at the home front, I’ve come to the realization that I probably work too much and need a break! Yep, I said it. Between working full time and Saturdays at Lula B’s, then painting furniture on the side, it’s pretty darn exhausting. In fact, Sunday I sat on the couch between painting and fell asleep. When I woke up I was upset that  I lost out on that time. That’s pretty bad huh!? I guess I needed it, but I sure could have used the extra hours haha. I have tons on my ‘to do’ list and no time in the day to do it. Ugh!  (Ashley syndrome setting in!)

A couple of really cool things that did happen this weekend. I met one of my Lula B neighbors. She does furniture like me and I’m always so envious of her stuff!! She does a phenomenal job and I grovel at her stuff, like always! Then Saturday when I was working, we started talking. I didn’t know who she was (I’m just friendly like that)  then she mentioned where her booth was. I was like, Oh my gosh…I love your stuff!!  So she asked where my booth was. I told her I was the furniture booth on the corner on the opposite side of the store. She asked “OH MY GOSH ARE YOU RITA?!”.  Wow, turns out she loved my stuff and had wanted to meet me! Isn’t that cool! We had lots to talk about and it was so fun!!

Then the next day I went back to the store to mark down some prices (yes, that means I’m having a sale). Brianna helped me(she’s ALWAYS a tremendous help). That girl can climb on things like nobody’s business!! If I need her to get to something high up, she’s all over it! Anyway, as we are knee deep in booth stuff, this girl walks by behind us with her mom and says “…and this is my most favorite booth in the entire store”. I quickly turned around and said “this is my booth!!” She said she just moved in around the store and I have helped furnish her whole apartment! When she comes in, she saves my booth for last because she ends up buying something.  Man that was too cool!! Talk about an ego lift! I desperately needed it, and got it that’s for sure.

Sorry about long post and jumping around all over the place but it I had to get it all off my chest.  Ahh thanks, I needed that!



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

how awesome for that girl to be there when you were there- it was showing you that you are doing the right thing, what you are meant to do! :)
love where this hutch/bookcase is going!

Twice Nice said...

I'm with Cassie on the hutch, love it! That's an AWESOME color on the back, so thanks to Sammy for holding it up for us to see. How fun for you to meet some of your fans in person. You have to believe that you are one talented lady!!!

Anonymous said...

THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL!!! :') I love it!
-Your precious wonderful daughter!