Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Thrown Away Thursday–My Prices and A Secret Project!

I had dinner for my mom, sisters and brother on Friday, which was nice because it’s not something we often do. Plus we got to see how we are doing and how life in general is going. This includes for me… transformations.  My sister Olivia, brought up a good question that I wanted to answer here. She asked if it has ever been brought to my attention the price I pay for my furniture versus how much I sell it for.  Does anyone ever feel jipped, or ask why such a big increase? I totally get it, and think it’s a good point.

First let me be blunt (oh no, here she goes!).  I read LOTS of furniture blogs which I LOVE, and I’ve seen different prices for different furniture out there.  I’ve seen fair prices, low prices and outrageous prices. Once you read their reasoning behind the price, you can understand where the person is coming from.  My opinion is, if you are doing this as your main source of income, you have every right to charge for labor, materials, etc.  Since this is not the case for me, I charge what I think is fair…period.  And yes if you must know, I don’t go all Price Nazi and stay firm on my price. If I feel the piece is going to a good home or it is truly meant to be…I’ll more than likely cut you a deal. Again, big heart… not so much Business Brain. It’s fun, I love it, I still make a profit, and I want to show the word that they can do it too.  It’s not hard and if you think it is, I’ll help you!!
So, although I’ve never been asked about my prices (so far), I’m not ashamed to tell you how much I paid (on here of course, to my peeps). Never just to blab or flaunt. I don’t charge crazy prices for my labor or time. It helps take the frustration out of life and I enjoy it. If I have to pay more for a product to get the transformation I’m looking for, I’ll roll that into the cost but not go crazy. And lastly, you don’t have to buy it from me. You can look at it as an example and make your own. I’d love to inspire you that way!
I hope I answered this the way it was thought out in my head. If not, drop me a line. Tell me I’m a dork, or magnificent and magical, or crazy for posting all this nonsense! Its life, have fun and relax. This is going to be my new motto by the way (Except for at work- There it’s “try not to go gray or pull all my hair out”.)
FINALLY, here’s what I’m working on …or should I say, have been working on secretly. It’s currently a china cabinet but won’t be when I’m done with it, dun, dun, dun….muahhahahahaa!
IMG_0507 - Copy
They are actually the same color but you know how it goes sometimes!
Until we meet again,~Rita~


momtofatdogs said...

Ha! You just gave me an idea! We need storage in our master bathroom & I hav been HUNTING a cabinet. Have YET to see one I like or that will fit the space. But I could use the TOP of a hutch & get Prince Charming to work his magic & make it look like a cabinet...endless ideas now. Pricing your labor is always difficult. And if you price it beyond being able to sell it, you lose too. Do what makes you happy Rita, but dont go into the hole doing it!


Twice Nice said...

You're magnificent of course! Pricing has always been so difficult for me. I always tell people if they see fluctuations in pricing that seems bizarre it's because sometimes I'll find a "steal of a deal" and other times I have to pay someone a fair market price. When I find a good deal, then most likely so do they. I've finally got a standard formula that I put together from looking at many blogs that talk about this, but I will deviate if it looks too off kilter to me. I also think you sometimes have to take into consideration "your market". Where one person lives you might be able to find things for a dime, another place you will pay major bucks for even the rattiest looking piece. Finally, prices are going up as more and more people see that there is still some value for their old cast offs. It's getting tougher to find things at reasonable wholesale type prices. Great post!