Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Finding My Voice Among Blogland

For the love of blogs (8x10)

I don’t know about you, but I constantly, constantly jump from favorite blog, to favorite blog and all the while, I think… “man my blog is boring”.  I don’t blog enough, I don’t  have beautiful photos, I certainly am not as talented, nor have as much sustenance. Don’t tell me you’ve never felt that way. If you do, I think I may have thrown up a little and yes, you are a super hero.
Well, it got me thinking that’s for sure. I can change backgrounds till I’m blue in the face (which I’m doing again… wink, wink). Hey, I don’t have a vast array of shoes to trade out , so I think I’m aloud. I can even start to blog more, but FYI, I may continue to get on your nerves, if I already do (which I hope I don’t).
So what sets me apart? Why do I continue on this blog writing journey???  Well because, that’s exactly what it is. A journey. My journey. And what happens on journeys?? You learn as you go.
You learn how to take a proper picture.  You learn what sounds good and how to write like someone is actually listening. You certainly learn about fragment and run on sentences (Ashley gets on to me about that all the time). And you also learn more about yourself and what you bring to the world. You learn because you constantly ask yourself “world, what do I do for you?” You get the answer, then you share it.. Easy, peasy, right?!  Sure, there may be hundreds of us out there transforming these trash to treasure pieces,  but we are all unique. I promise!
So what makes me any different?
Well, let me start by saying, it became more apparent after watching the new series “Flea Market Flip”. I saw my first episode and  think I may be hooked by the way.
The show has contestants who transform flea market finds into awesome pieces of functional furniture. They have to stay within budget (I think) and resell the finished piece at another flea market. I may have totally butchered that show, but I didn’t catch all of it.  Anyway, as I’m looking at their pieces and their transformations, I’m thinking, I would have NEVER paid that much, and I could have TOTALLY done something WAY better. Yeah that’s right, I totally tooted that horn of mine!!
So what do I offer that’s different? That’s easy. My own Flea Market Flips. My own definition of Color Splash. My own Designing on a Dime, and I mean Dime, not a gazillion Dimes!  I try to inspire you with ideas, or mock something I‘ve seen somewhere else while staying on a tight budget. Umm some of us don’t have a few thousand and sometimes not even hundreds to spend.  In fact I’ll show you a $10 room make over very soon!
So yes, there are AMAZING bloggers out there, and there will always be. Just know if you come visit my blog, I hope you leave with a little inspiration, ideas of something EVEN YOU CAN DO, definitely some “Before and After “photos, and maybe even laugh at some of the daily shenanigans of the family:
me(Curbside Creator)Sammy (Hubby/BFF)Ashley(daughter/college/Sunshine lover)Brianna(daughter/High school/All things dark and gloomy)Tubby(dog-chow)Reese(dog/human- yorkie)Kunu Cat(enough said)Chrysanthemum (cat-CRAZY!!)Andie and Nick(Brianna’s pet rats)
Thanks again for staying tuned, I hope you stay a while!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

good for you! the best you can do is be the best version of you.... and no one else! you do you better than anyone else can do you! :)

Tami Michel said...

I'm sticking around! I love your before and afters and especially how you stay within your budget instead of portraying it as a fancy smanshy ooh la la makeover. You are realistic and I think that's why many are drawn to you. I also just saw my first episode of Flea Market Flip and love it too! So much fun! Keep up the journey and stay true to why you blog. Do it to make YOU happy and fulfill YOU and along the way it will resonate on others! You definitely inspire me. thanks for that!
Tami @ Curb Alert!

momtofatdogs said...

If anyone ever tells you anything different thatn what you want on your blog???? Delete thier comment. (mine included....) It's YOUR little piece of cyberspace. And you do a good job. I think our worst enemies are ourselves. Yes? Prince Charming tells me so frequently.


Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

You rock too...don't forget that part. I wonder the same things too but then when I've reached the depths of blog neglect despair my inner Tawanda bursts forth and reminds me it's 'my' blog and my rules! You inspire me constantly.

Reyna said...

I agree that your blog does offer all of that! That is why I like it!

Twice Nice said...

Ah, Rita, you're one of my fav bloggers! Everything here is very real. That's a great gift you share with us girl!

Kammy Wielenga said...

You rock. Let's start our own show together, kay? We'll film our first episode on September. Yeah, I hate when people think they are decorating "on a dime". Pshhhh, we'll show 'em a dime!!!! haha