Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ashley’s Pintrest Inspired Room

Last week I took a couple of days off for myself! Woo hoo!!  Problem is, instead of resting like I should have, I painted. Not just furniture either…Ashley’s room!!
And you know what, it looks soooo much better!! Except for that nasty carpet, yuk, but I did attempt to pull it up. Problem was, what’s underneath is even worse!! Sammy about had a cow when I told him what I was planning on doing and of course, with everything else he deals with me on, he took it with a grain of salt and just let me do my thing!

Off to the land of Pintrest!
This was my to do list: 1. REMOVE CRAP( this means my furniture stockpile)2. Take down shelving/tack board 
3. Remove old (small) bookshelf- replace with bigger one!

4. Paint a Chevron Wall!
5. Repaint chair – change fabric6. VACCUUM, Deodorize, clean, sweep, hold breath!!
. Make “love “sign

And my budget, like everything else I do, was zero. Yeah, with her in college, there’s like no extra money in this household.

I’ll try to take you through my list, step by step but If you have any specific questions or if I forget something, you can always leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.

1. Chevron Wall- Ashley loves orange so I knew the color it had to be. I purchased a quart of Behr- Mango paint from Home Depot. Total cost for the paint was $10.00. I went to Skinny Meg’s blog (thanks Meagan) for the chevron tutorial she did for her living room. I’ve ALWAYS loved her version so I basically went step by step almost to the T for Ashley’s room. She’s awesome that one!!  To offset such a bright color, I incorporated gray that I had on hand, in different areas.
2. Chair- So Ashley loves all things happy and bright, so I repainted the chair she already had in her room with an oops paint I made into chalk paint. Totally love this color.  I changed the fabric to the chevron print my sister gave me at Christmas. It’s the same material I used on two small, picnic chairs earlier this year.   Then I simply topped it off with an orange pillow she already had in her room.
3. Bookshelf- I kind of call this my “big girl bookshelf” because the one she had before had been with her for years. Now she’s all grown up (tear). She didn’t even recognize the bookshelf I replaced it with because of how nasty it was before. It is actually what I used in my sun room to hold all my paint and believe me, it’s always looked hideous!! Like big time!I just cleaned it up and painted it with Ann Sloan “Old Ochre” paint (Christmas gift), and painted the inlay’s with left over orange from the wall. I tried to find a before photo of the bookshelf but couldn’t sorry!
4. LOVE sign (secret #1) - If you follow me on pintrest, or are on it at all, you’ll see a picture similar to this on there. I’ll admit, mine isn’t as great as the on there, but given the circumstances and this sign being FREE,  I LLOOVVVEE this “Love” sign. I also have to tell you that I literally did this in an hour!! In fact Ash was returning from her Washington trip and had landed when I started on this sign. I had Sammy pick her up from the airport so I could finish before she got there. I was super mom that day!! And the best part of this sign, is it’s the old corkboard that was hanging in her room before. If she turns it around, everything is still hanging on it. I’m AWESOME, I know it!
(my version of rosettes needs help…just saying)
I found this old photo of her desk, chair and corkboard ‘before’ so you can see what she had. Aww so many years ago! 
5. Picture wall (secret #2) – One side of Ashley’s room is this huge bare wall. It is actually where this desk was sitting but when we got rid of the desk, it was basically a staging ground for crap. Don’t you hate when that happens?!
Now see if you see something missing from this ‘before shot’?
Do you see that AWESOME Cable plug in the middle of the freakin wall??? Well this is how I covered it up:
Now you see it:
Now you DON’T!
She had a sewing loop hanging in her room already. I made it with a piece of fabric I had left over from a project. It worked out perfect to cover the outlet.

I’m sure I’ve worn you out by now but hope you loved this room as much as she does!! Again, if you have any questions, let me know! Oh and next up- GET RID OF THE CARPET!!!
(don’t tell Sam)

See ya! Rita


Bonnie said...

It looks really great! I love the eclectic prints on the picture wall - the whole thing looks so good.

Twice Nice said...

Hmmm, I like that method of doing the chevrons. I'll bet the look on Ashley's face when she saw her awesome room was priceless! I can't believe your total was $10. You beat the Decorating on a Dime team by a mile!

Megan said...

I freaking LOVE everything about this room!!! you are so talented, it looks amazeballs!!!!