Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thrown Away Thursday–Three Dollar Tables

It still amazes me sometimes when I’m out thrifting or hitting garage sales, how much bang you can get for a buck. In the case of today’s post…three bucks! It’s also amazing how you can get things anywhere from super tiny to sometimes jaw droppingly huge and awesome, for the same price! Lord knows I’ve come across a few of those!! But regardless of what I find, I still take into consideration the price I’m paying and the piece I’m purchasing. I don’t buy something for the mere satisfaction of reselling it. Nor do I buy high end pieces for top dollar. Nope, for me it’s the creative process and outlet that it lets me hatch into. I typically find pretty poor looking pieces for a great price which in my mind, that means nothing over $10! To me those are the best kind of finds!
Which leads to this post of a few of my $3 dollar finds. Again, all different sizes, different ideas for each, and all for the same price, or close to it!
1. Random small table on wheels- I have no idea it’s purpose, but it has a thin wood top, metal legs and wooden bars between.
PRICE $2.99 – Thrift Store
2 . Tall classic telephone table- I seriously don’t know what type of table this is called, nor the era but for sake of being lazy, I’m going with it.This thrift store find is technically not  $3 but it’s close enough.
PRICE $3.99 – Thrift Store
3. Yellow small table- This is a super cute, super small table and the perfect size for a kids room. Obviously that was what the previous owner thought too, can you tell? It’s all wood and with the exception of the horrendous art on top, I fell in love with it!
PRICE $3.00 – Garage Sale
I have three totally different ideas for each table but it’ll be a good example of what you can do for, what, less than $10 bucks?! I always think, if I screw it up, heck there goes my lunch for tomorrow.
Also, if you saw or played along with my Birthday Contest, one of my questions was 'what type of style would you classify me under’. Well to be quite honest, that’s hard to describe. I always look at the piece of furniture, decide whether or not it needs to be painted (it usually does), and when deciding on how to paint it, I keep in mind the integrity of the piece and try to stay as true to it as I can. So for example, if I had to describe my furniture as people, I would never give an old woman a Mohawk for a hairstyle and vice versa for a tattooed guy, he wouldn’t get a perm. Understand? that was kind of weird but I wanted to be sure you knew what I was getting at. hehe.
I hope you’ll be back to see these after photos and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think in the comments.  Love feedback, unless your my best friend Cindy who says “I hate your new background!!”. Gotta love that woman!
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Twice Nice said...

You do get some awesome deals! Have some fun this weekend with all of these!