Thursday, February 21, 2013

Garage Sale 101

  You’ve seen them, you’ve attended them, you’ve “woo hoo’ed” at good prices and gasped at the bad ones.
     Yep, you’re like me...a Garage Sale-aholic . We love you “place your name here”.

Now, I know there are also those of you out there who want to go to garage sales but are intimidated or can’t find the “really good ones”. Well I’m here to tell you it takes practice. So much that I scare myself at how I have it down to a science. Even Brianna is keen to my Garage Saleing ways. But on the flip side, I want to share those TOP SECRET ways of mine so that you too can join in on the Garage Sale fun and find some cool treasures of your own.
Let me insert my disclaimer here: I do not intend to offend anyone, nor have you take my tips as word and yell at me when you don’t find a good deal. Nope, this is actually what I have encountered in my travels, in my hood, and hopefully you have fun in the process. Aaakaayy?
1. Always pay attention to the signs- Signs are not only there to point you in the right direction. You can tell a lot from a simple sign.
a. Color- To me the color of a sign has meaning. If it is bright, colorful and cheery, more than likely it’s a younger age group and you can guess you’ll find lots of ikea-esque items. On a good note, the sale will be pretty good seeing as how they really want to get your attention with their sign. On a bad note, if you are looking for more older/antique items more than likely you won’t find it there.
b. Placement- If you see the same type of sign all over the place- you need to be following those signs. God put them there for a reason and if they're all over the place, he’s basically yelling at you. On the other hand if you see a sign, then nothing for a while, then again where the road splits but it doesn’t point to which way to go, then don’t go, they obviously don’t want your business.
c. Premade (small) yard sale sings-  I don’t think I’ve ever come across a good one with premade signs. You know the small ones that stick in the ground and you have to squint to see the stinkin’ address?? Yeah I avoid those now unless I’m desperate.
d. HUGE GARAGE SALES- these are normally not HUGE. In fact I’ve laughed at how little some of these so called “HUGE” sales are.
e. Muti-family yard sales- These are hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll run across the real multi-family sales but sometimes it’s three people running a one house sale.(SAD)
2. Font – I know, scary right?
a. Curls – this is going to be rude, I know, but you’ll see signs and notice the number “2” and the letter “S” is a little too curly. Yeah, you see I noticed my grandma’s writing is a little too curly for her own good and what’s weird is the signs who’s fonts are similar to hers are 9 times out of 10, older couples selling old clothes. I don’t know what it is but it seems to always be the case. And what’s even more weird is my grandma’s garage sales were almost always tons and tons of OOOLLLLLDDD clothes. Avoid.
b. Seven’s with the little cross in the middle of it- yep , mountains of clothes on the ground. I don’t do clothes so I do a drive by just to see if there is anything worth stopping for. Sometimes I get lucky but most times, I don’t
c. Misspellings- be weary.
3. Sale in Back- This can go either way but in my area, if you have it in the back, it’s not worth seeing.  Especially if you can’t see it from the street. I go to these anyway, just in case, and Brianna will tell me ”mom you’re braking your own rule, don’t do it”.  Then I come back empty handed and I can see her shaking her head from inside the car. My rule is “if they wanted you to see what they have to offer, they’d have put it in the front”. Just so you know, there is no rule about holding them in the front in these parts. Trust me, I know.
If I haven’t scared you with my rules, you must really love me. I know I get all kinds of looks from my friends.
Moving on:
· Don’t be afraid to drive by. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Just take a glance and if you see something stop, and if you don’t, keep trucking. I do. Time is precious out there.
· Starting early- obviously that helps. I head out around 8. Then we go to McDonald’s for Brianna’s breakfast. She’s my partner in crime. Stop for coffee and then we’re off.
· I categorize my garage sales into two types of sales (told you I was weird).
o Those that want to make money- I hate these.  These are the ones where you see an awesome item and think that should only cost me such and such. Then you ask how much and they tell you three times that amount. It’s usually a ridiculous price and I ALWAYS walk away. Remember you don’t need it that bad. Plus if it doesn’t sell for the ridiculous price they're asking, then they’ll want to get rid of it by the end of the day and you can snatch it up then.
o Those that want to get rid of stuff- loooooove these! These are the awesome ones where they need room and they want their junk gone. And guess what, I usually love their junk! These are where you can find a vanity for $10 (working on one now), Coffee table for $3, Dresser/nightstands for $3, you get what I’m saying. These are the garage sales you want to comb through. And don’t haggle for goodness sake. If they are giving you a good deal, heck say thanks and cash in on that loot.
I think that about covers it. If not I’ll add to this later but it will at least get you to where you need to be so you can go out and find a hidden treasure.  I mean I totally put myself on the line for you so go out and make mama proud!! Don’t forget to let me know if this helps. It’s not my typical post so I’m curious.
Thanks guys, hope you enjoyed!

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