Friday, February 15, 2013

Contest Winner Revealed!!

Congrats Sam!! You be getting a set of greeting cards handmade from non other than Susie from Papier Sanctum. (follow her on Facebook here!!)
Papier Sanctum - Fort Collins, CO

She hand made these cards for this contest! She’s wonderful and amazing and I can’t imagine my birthday with out her!!
I had such a fun time reading all of your answers so thank you all so much for participating!! Now let me tell you all the answers to my questions so you can see how you did!
QUESTIONS:For friends:
1. What are my daughters’ names?  Ashley and Brianna2. How many pets do we own? 6 -  two dogs, two cats and two rats. (only one person got that right)3. If I’m not at home, you can find me ______? Fill in the blank! Anything counted on this one, but I would have said, at a garage sale, thrift store, Lula B’s, Starbucks…etc..
4. Where is my booth? Lula B’s in Deep Ellum
5. Name my style of painting? (this is not specific but where would you categorize me) Anything counted for this one. I don’t have a set style…Rita Style I guess!
6. How old did I just turn? 39

For family:
1. What is my favorite kind of paint? Oops paint or Anne Sloan
2. Where do I work? This was a trick question. I work FOR Jones Lang Lasalle, however I work at Fidelity! So for those of you who copied my email signature, you didn’t get this one sorry!
3. What is my Saturday routine? My sister scored on this one!!  Every Saturday, me and Brianna go get her breakfast from McDonalds, me a coffee from Starbucks and then we hit the garage sales!!  Then depending what’s going on that day I go to Lula B’s to check up on my booth.  Dre you aced this one!!
4. Who named my blog and how was the name derived? Sammy actually named my blog. I originally intended it to be a place to upload pictures of my furniture so my sister who lived in Chicago at the time, could see them easily. I guess after Sammy got sick of me picking up crap from curbs he said I should name it “Curbside Creations” since that was essentially what I was doing.  The name stuck!
5. Where is my favorite place to purchase knobs for my furniture? Hobby Lobby!! Love Anthro knobs too but they are too expensive!
6. How old was I when I got married? (haha) This one was a trick question too.Only a few of you got it. I had Ashley when I was 19 and got married a year later. When I found out I was pregnant, we knew we were very young and were skeptical of rushing into marriage. Our peers suggested that we get married before the baby was born, but being the stubborn people we were, we decided to go ahead and wait a year.  I got married when Ashley was one year and five days old. We eloped!
And now for some of the wonderful Bonus questions that I LOVED reading:
If you could paint anything with me, what would it be and how would we paint it?
I got lots of fun transformations I would LLLOOOVVEE to do with you guys, like armoires, desks, porch’s, tables, etc. But my favorite posts were things you remember me doing. They brought back so many memories. Here are some of my favorites:
What is one of my first “creative” projects you ever had the privilege to see or experience from me :)
For my 6th birthday you bought me a gift (which of course i can't remember) that was in a little purple can that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA and was dated at the bottom in red paint. it was so resourceful! you could have easily bought a little gift bag, but you had to give the gift the Rita touch. i love it. and i still have it in my room, almost 20 years later. :) love you!!! 
well you were always creative. I saw it all the time, and my place is filled with your work.. I have the privilege to see your work all day everyday. :D
That 70s looking night stand that you painted a brown color, and he had like a little elevated part and I'm pretty sure he became the dolly table! And Mooch too! He was fun haha.
(from Sammy) I’d have to go with the credit card picture frame you made – I love this one because Sammy and I had lots of credit card debt when we were young. I remember cutting up all of our credit cards (there were tons it felt like) and glued them all to a frame. It was our “credit card” frame. haha! wish I had a picture of that one!
Thanks again everyone for playing along!!  Sam your cards will be coming soon!!

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