Friday, February 08, 2013

Birthday Contest–Take 2!!

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Sorry Guys!!!! I deleted my post and it is NO WHERE to be found. Comments are saved thank goodness but I can’t find the freak'n post anywhere!!~ UGH Computer Illiteracy sucks!
Answer the questions below (find your category: Friend/ Family). Enter by copying and pasting your questions and answers in a comment. As long as you answer one question, you’re entered.
Winner will be announced on Friday as well as answers to these questions and your surprise gift will be revealed!!

For friends:
1. What are my daughters’ names?
2. How many pets do we own?
3. If I’m not at home, you can find me ______? Fill in the blank!
4. Where is my booth?
5. Name my style of painting? (this is not specific but where would you categorize me)
6. How old did I just turn?

Bonus for an extra chance to win:
If you could paint anything with me, what would it be and how would we paint it?
For family:
1. What is my favorite kind of paint?
2. Where do I work?
3. What is my Saturday routine?
4. Who named my blog and how was the name derived?
5. Where is my favorite place to purchase knobs for my furniture?
6. How old was I when I got married? (haha)
Bonus for an extra chance to win:
What is one of my first “creative” projects you ever had the privilege to see or experience from me :)

Thank you again for playing along and I’ll post the winner on Friday!!
Now be a dear and enter ok?!?!  Good Luck Smile



Olivia said...

1. (trick question!) annie sloan or oops paint?
2. i have no idea where you work during the week but i know you work at lula b's :)
3. starbucks and garage sales
4. ummm...
5. etsy?
6. 21

bonus: for my 6th birthday you bought me a gift (which of course i can't remember) that was in a little purple can that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA and was dated at the bottom in red paint. it was so resourceful! you could have easily bought a little gift bag, but you had to give the gift the Rita touch. i love it. and i still have it in my room, almost 20 years later. :) love you!!!

Anonymous said...