Thursday, January 10, 2013

If All Else Fails– Decoupage!!

I ran across this garage sale the other day that had some pretty awesome items. Because I purchased a few things the guy gave me this shelf for $2.00
photo (1)

I already started painting it when I snapped a quick pic with my phone –sorry.
I loved the detail of this shelf however the shelf itself is all metal.
I contemplated spray painting the whole thing but that seemed boring. Since this guy was so cheap, that's usually my queue to be more creative and bold. Regardless, I had no ideas so I put it aside.
I ran across a couple of old McCall Magazines at my local thrift store the other day. One dated back to 1964 and the other was from the 70’s.  They were so cool and even smelt old. I love that smell (Sammy hates it). I went ahead and purchased both for 65 cents each which was a steal!!
I took them home and started cutting them up. Ashley helped too! She helped arrange them on each shelf. Once she finished a shelf, I used my mod podge to adhere them them and this is what this DAZZLING DUO came up with:'
I call her my McCall's shelf~ Isn’t she awesome?!
It was so much fun to do, not to mention the added family entertainment of finding some pretty odd pictures. There were some that we liked in particular where couples had matching knitted sweaters. Or mothers and daughters had matching solid colored head-to-toe knitted onsies with matching hats.  WOW what happened to that fashion statement??  Hysterical!!
Oh before I forget, TOSSED AND TURNED TUESDAY and THROWN AWAY THURSDAY will be back into action in February. That’s when I’m hoping my life gets back on track –haha!
Enjoy the rest of your week!