Monday, January 07, 2013

First Before and After of the Year!

Yay! Sooo excited to show you my first before and after of the year! Granted it’s a small one but it’s cute if I do say so myself!
First up: Thrift store and Garage sale chair. Yes I found them at two separate places. One for .95 cents and the other for .75 cents. One is also larger than the other but you can’t tell too badly. 
The small green one on the right is actually vinyl. The one on the right is material and don’t barf when I say this, but I think I spotted a speck of ancient blood on it. gross!
Anyway I put them away for a rainy day this past month but when I received my Christmas present from my youngest sister – Olivia, I knew exactly what I was going to do with these chairs.

**CHRISTMAS PRESENT: Insert side note here, as you all know I tend to give the background story… Right!? So for Christmas Olivia (aka Liv or Livy) gave me this small beautiful brown package with a nice little quaint tie and inside were three small things….FREAKIN FABULOUS FABRIC!! I know she is my sister and she lives in Chicago but when she leaves to go to her “city” I tend to believe she is really going to work for Santa in the North Pole because …how could she possibly know??!! I mean come on!
It’s ok Liv, your secret is safe with me.  She gets it right every year!!

Where was I???   Oh that’s right my “after” photos:
And a little height difference never hurt anyone~!
Chevron Fabric = heart!
See you later,Rita