Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big Kid in a Candy Store

We all know the saying “it’s like being a kid in a candy store!” Right?! Well, I’ve never really fully understood that concept until the other day.
I work in Westlake Texas which borders Southlake. If your not from Texas, the easiest way for me to describe this area is it’s home to folks like Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers! Not to mention a few celebs like the Jonah’s Brothers! In other words, we are kind of off the map for the most part, but if you saw the sizes of houses in this area, not TOO far off the map.
Anyway, directly west of us is a small city called Roanoke, Texas. It’s a quaint little town and sometimes when we venture off to lunch we frequently go there. It’s nice to get way from our area and visit their little main street. Not to mention get to eat at places that should be on Diners, Drive-in’s and dives. They are that good!

So on our lunch trip the other day (we had breakfast for lunch and it was beautiful). We went down the main street as usual and saw a new building we HAD to check out!

Let’s me say that after seeing this sign, yummy old patio chairs and this window display…They HAD ME AT HELLO!!
This next set of pictures are very colorful!
They are also taken with my iPhone as I wasn’t prepared for the CANDY LAND Experience I was going to encounter, therefore did not take my camera to work ;) Dreading that now!

Upon entering the store you are greeted with candy as far a the eye can see!:
A Candy Shelf that is too cute!
Their very own Roanoke Drive-in :
To Die for Soda  Shop! Choose your carton, then choose your soda’s!
The Cutest Party Hats!
And look at the lighting…Gasp!
And the last thing before you leave is the candy cane striped  rope and stanchions at the register:
That’s Terri at the register (Hi Terri)! Amy is in black next to her but she was paying for her float and was mortified that I was taking so many pictures. I didn’t get a close up of the chocolates in that case behind Terri, nor the Soda fountain behind the gentlemen standing there, nor the ice cream case to the right of this photo! No it didn’t dawn on me to ask if I could talk pictures after I had already started so I just stopped. Amy was so embarrassed of me. Can’t take me anywhere!
So again this is Hey Sugar in Roanoke Texas. It is PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS and I have to go back with my girls!
Oh gosh, I totally forgot to mention that If you get a float, malt or soda, you get to pick any of these precious straws they have that are colorful and cute.  Amy got Black polka dotted one for hers. SO CUTE!
Also when you see this reviewed on TV somewhere remember I discovered it first!! And if you’re in the area, you have to stop by for a visit!
Ok, that’s it for now and just so you know I’ll have a couple of furniture make overs for you this week! Yippee!
See you soon,
Rita reporting from Roanoke on what’s soon to be the next big Candy Store! (he he)

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such a great shop! and looks like i can still comment. :)