Sunday, December 16, 2012

What’s On My Tree?

I LOOOVEE this time of the year and although I can’t decide what my favorite part of the holiday season is, one is definitely the Christmas Tree.
I remember when we were little, we had a fake Christmas tree with tinsel intertwined in the branches, old mismatched ornaments and let’s not forget the old red metallic garland. The three of us girls all took part in decorating it so it never ended up pretty (that’s for sure), but it never really mattered. We had a tree and were lucky to have it!
I remember always thinking that one day I would decorate MY OWN tree the way I wanted and I’d have ornaments that I PICKED OUT. Geez I was a little scrooge wasn’t I?! Well, 38 years later, I get my wish.
Ashley is off to college and she’s really my “only” Christmas Cheerleader like me! Brianna, not so much. She helped me untangle lights this year and hold garland up when I needed an extra hand, but other than that, I was on my own this year. Have to say it was bittersweet. Bitter because I was ALONE in the decorating and if I even hummed a Christmas Carol, Brianna threw her darting eyes my way. Got to love TEENAGERS! So I sang to myself and decorated MY tree!
The other obstacle I faced was the small kitten Chris (he’s a boy by the way) who felt he had to attack everything that got close to him, not to mention climb the tree. I found that the spray bottle was my best friend to keep him down and off the branches. Regardless though, I still opted to keep the majority of the ornaments off the lower branches!
I’ve never gotten the chance to simply show my Christmas tree and all her glory (yes, she’s a “she”). Some of my ornaments that have been created, purchased at antique stores, and customized by yours truly, and I’ve loved every minute of it.
So this year, you get to see what adorns MY tree. She’s not heavily decorated but each ornament that hangs on her, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. Oh, and don’t worry… I’ll be snooping around to see what’s on yours too!
Ready?! Here they are:

Topping my Tree is my $1 Garage sale find!!

Hobby Lobby Ornaments~

Vintage Ornaments from various antique shops~
Target “on sale”Ornament that was too pretty and sparkly I HAD TO HAVE~
Personalized Ornaments that we all have (some new and some we’ve had for years)~
“Created” ornaments~
SNOW ornament
Found this at an Estate sale and made it into an ornament. It says Christmas ‘76 which is the year Sammy was born.
And we CAN NOT forget STARBUCKS!!~
I hope you enjoyed!
Happy Holidays!