Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Camera! New Cat~

I’m crazy, I know this!

Yes, I have a house full of animals and I don’t need to add one more…but….I just had to. I couldn’t help it.



I KNOW, ADORABLE RIGHT!!??!! And NO, I’m not a cat person! In fact, I’m allergic (or so the doctor says) but I haven’t flared up around Kunu so I guess God cut me a break when it comes to opening my home to less fortunate animals!!

I know I’m gonna get a call from Cindy on this post eventually! She’s my best friend who only allows me to have animals she approves and she doesn’t approve of Cats! Sounds weird but you have to know her.

Before I tell you how I acquired such a cute kitty, let me first tell you that her picture was taken on MY BRAND NEW EOS CANON REBEL!!  Thank you Sammy and Black Friday! I’ll show you the difference of what I had to deal with before in a little bit.

Ok, so I picked up this cute girl (well at least we think it’s a girl)at a yard sale a couple of weekends ago. I purchased a frame for a quarter and she popped out of no where and started to play. The lady looked at me as I gave her the quarter and said “the cat’s free”. I just laughed and began to walk off and the cat followed. She kept wanting to play to which I would have totally ignored but the lady said “really take her, we don’t want her”. I asked her if the cat was hers and she said it wandered to her house but they don’t like cats so if I want her take her.

I’m like, are you serious?? Mind you she’s a corner house near a main street and she said she didn’t want to feed the cat because she wanted it to go away.

Seriously, what could I do? I picked her up and took her home.

Ridiculous I know but what can I say, I have a big heart.

So now for the whole family (taken on the new camera of course)


I love that both cats look the same. It’s kinda uncanny!!
Now for the difference in camera.

Sammy asked me if I could tell a difference so far in my new camera versus my old $99 Nikon.  I was like “UHHH YESSSSS”!! So being the anal person he is, he said he really couldn’t see the difference. So I showed him older pictures vs. new ones, granted I’m still learning my new camera. Still no difference (rolling eyes).

I told him that obviously I had touched up the old Nikon ones but he still didn’t see it. (ugh)

My biggest concern before was I could not for the life of me take a photo inside. They would come out orange and blurred. I figured this would be the best proof so I got both cameras and went into the living room and photographed Tubby. I downloaded both cameras and here are the results with out touching up either photo:

NIKON- (being as still as possible)




Sammy is a believer now!

And one more for good measure!


Ahhh it feels so great to be back!



momtofatdogs said...

Dang! That's some serious improvement. I am allergic to cats too, ours (literally) came out of the trash. . . 18 very long years ago.

Love the difference!


Olivia said...

the picture of tubby and reese! omg, so hilarious and cute. that's a major improvement in cameras! and actually, your very own brother is great with cameras and adjusting the settings according to the light. just in case you need a little guidance. ;)

Twice Nice said...

Wonderful difference in those 2 cameras...enjoy!! Cute little kitties get me every time too!