Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Hindsight is 20/20

Since I've been out of pocket for a while I thought rather than do my Tossed and Turned Tuesday and Thrown Away Thursday this month, your just gonna get a mod podge of before and after’s, updates and Christmas posts --so be warned!

I almost forgot to tell you that I do have the almost "after" photos of the Dresser/nightstands I picked up from the church sale for $3!!

I really wished this was a great post but it SOOOO isn’t!  See the thing about me is I'm not a great planner….No, not me.. Not at all. I TRY, of course, but it doesn’t ever really pan out for me. So what happened??? As you are probably squinting as if to get ready for someone to shoot you with a rubber band! Well I made my own paint and didn't make enough  AAAUUUGGHHH  (GASP!!).

Granted I got the majority of it done but not the touch ups (see here):




I decided to paint this a lighter gray (hey I'm on a gray kick and it's selling, ok) and draw “You & Me”on the nightstands and dresser. In my funny little head, I thought that would look AWESOME and DIFFERENT and FRESH.

Problem is, after I painted these on with white, I needed to outline the white with the same gray (key word) "SAME" to make it look perfect! Well it didn't happen.

I thought …maybe… I could get away with a different gray, but to no avail (tear).


So as you laugh at my pictures and feel bad for me, just know I'll  try to fix this when I get time and hopefully remedy the problem. THEN you'll get some better photos!

Oh crap, and the  “You” nightstand I forgot to add here!

Another day in the life of Rita!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

well i like what i see so far! and love the unique idea!

Twice Nice said...

What a fresh idea! It's going to be great!

Tami Michel said...

That's why I "get" you, you are so funny and honest and don't mind poking fun at yourself ever so often. All of our work is trial and error. I love that blogs that represent both sides of the successes and failures. This has great potential, I am sure you can work through it...and the "you and me" idea...fabulous!!!