Thursday, December 06, 2012

Estate Sale Before and After

One thing you missed from me for sure is a good before and after!

I claimed this small table from an estate sale for a few bucks and although I was kinda partial to the green and gold finish it had, I decided it needed a slight upgrade:


I honestly think that was the original color but can’t be sure. That sure looks like years of wear to me, does it to you??

It was with a heavy hear that I took my brush and went to town with left over blue Annie Sloan paint and distressed it with her dark wax as well Smile


I only have a couple of pictures form the store but you can see the gorgeous (and I do mean that) finish!  LOVE!!

Got to go watch “Grey’s Anatomy” with Sammy now.  We are spending quality time…yay!!!

See you Soon!


Twice Nice said...

So nice to see it go from old and worn to chic again! Good job! Have a great weekend

Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

Love that new color...what a great little find!

Katie said...

Oh this is so cute Rita!! I love the sweet little table, especially with the dark blue! Gorgeous!