Thursday, December 27, 2012

December’s - Before and Afters

With all the craziness that December brings, Christmas, birthdays, Anniversaries (18 yrs), just to name a few, you can imagine what a whirlwind it has been for me. I’m quite sure yours was the same.
I got furniture in my booth as quickly as I could so I could hopefully make extra Christmas cash and thankfully I was able to. Unfortunately within all the chaos I didn’t get to take great shots nor was I able to blog about it but lucky for you I took some in my booth and can show you now.
Ready, here they are!
Garage sale cabinet:

One-handled side table:
Of course you can’t see because of my “Joy” banner but the extra holes are covered up…
I promise!!
Thrift Store Chair and Small Table:
(by the way that table is now a chalk board table)
Estate Sale 1/2 off chairs:
Memaw’s give away:
photo (1)
(sorry about my large shadow pic from my phone – that’s all I have of this one)
That’s what I’ve been up to among all the other crazy nonsense going on in my life but thought you may like to see that I  haven’t “technically” been a lazy bum!
I’ll try to get around showing you what I have in the works for 2013 or for January!  haha!
If I don’t talk to you between now and then I hope you have a safe and Wonderful (and Artistically filled) NEW YEAR!
Love ya,

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Twice Nice said...

You've been a busy, busy gal I'd say! Good work! Bet your booth was nice and fluffy for the Holiday shoppers!