Thursday, December 27, 2012

December’s - Before and Afters

With all the craziness that December brings, Christmas, birthdays, Anniversaries (18 yrs), just to name a few, you can imagine what a whirlwind it has been for me. I’m quite sure yours was the same.
I got furniture in my booth as quickly as I could so I could hopefully make extra Christmas cash and thankfully I was able to. Unfortunately within all the chaos I didn’t get to take great shots nor was I able to blog about it but lucky for you I took some in my booth and can show you now.
Ready, here they are!
Garage sale cabinet:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What’s On My Tree?

I LOOOVEE this time of the year and although I can’t decide what my favorite part of the holiday season is, one is definitely the Christmas Tree.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Estate Sale Before and After

One thing you missed from me for sure is a good before and after!

I claimed this small table from an estate sale for a few bucks and although I was kinda partial to the green and gold finish it had, I decided it needed a slight upgrade:


I honestly think that was the original color but can’t be sure. That sure looks like years of wear to me, does it to you??

It was with a heavy hear that I took my brush and went to town with left over blue Annie Sloan paint and distressed it with her dark wax as well Smile


I only have a couple of pictures form the store but you can see the gorgeous (and I do mean that) finish!  LOVE!!

Got to go watch “Grey’s Anatomy” with Sammy now.  We are spending quality time…yay!!!

See you Soon!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Hindsight is 20/20

Since I've been out of pocket for a while I thought rather than do my Tossed and Turned Tuesday and Thrown Away Thursday this month, your just gonna get a mod podge of before and after’s, updates and Christmas posts --so be warned!

I almost forgot to tell you that I do have the almost "after" photos of the Dresser/nightstands I picked up from the church sale for $3!!

I really wished this was a great post but it SOOOO isn’t!  See the thing about me is I'm not a great planner….No, not me.. Not at all. I TRY, of course, but it doesn’t ever really pan out for me. So what happened??? As you are probably squinting as if to get ready for someone to shoot you with a rubber band! Well I made my own paint and didn't make enough  AAAUUUGGHHH  (GASP!!).

Granted I got the majority of it done but not the touch ups (see here):




I decided to paint this a lighter gray (hey I'm on a gray kick and it's selling, ok) and draw “You & Me”on the nightstands and dresser. In my funny little head, I thought that would look AWESOME and DIFFERENT and FRESH.

Problem is, after I painted these on with white, I needed to outline the white with the same gray (key word) "SAME" to make it look perfect! Well it didn't happen.

I thought …maybe… I could get away with a different gray, but to no avail (tear).


So as you laugh at my pictures and feel bad for me, just know I'll  try to fix this when I get time and hopefully remedy the problem. THEN you'll get some better photos!

Oh crap, and the  “You” nightstand I forgot to add here!

Another day in the life of Rita!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Camera! New Cat~

I’m crazy, I know this!

Yes, I have a house full of animals and I don’t need to add one more…but….I just had to. I couldn’t help it.



I KNOW, ADORABLE RIGHT!!??!! And NO, I’m not a cat person! In fact, I’m allergic (or so the doctor says) but I haven’t flared up around Kunu so I guess God cut me a break when it comes to opening my home to less fortunate animals!!

I know I’m gonna get a call from Cindy on this post eventually! She’s my best friend who only allows me to have animals she approves and she doesn’t approve of Cats! Sounds weird but you have to know her.

Before I tell you how I acquired such a cute kitty, let me first tell you that her picture was taken on MY BRAND NEW EOS CANON REBEL!!  Thank you Sammy and Black Friday! I’ll show you the difference of what I had to deal with before in a little bit.

Ok, so I picked up this cute girl (well at least we think it’s a girl)at a yard sale a couple of weekends ago. I purchased a frame for a quarter and she popped out of no where and started to play. The lady looked at me as I gave her the quarter and said “the cat’s free”. I just laughed and began to walk off and the cat followed. She kept wanting to play to which I would have totally ignored but the lady said “really take her, we don’t want her”. I asked her if the cat was hers and she said it wandered to her house but they don’t like cats so if I want her take her.

I’m like, are you serious?? Mind you she’s a corner house near a main street and she said she didn’t want to feed the cat because she wanted it to go away.

Seriously, what could I do? I picked her up and took her home.

Ridiculous I know but what can I say, I have a big heart.

So now for the whole family (taken on the new camera of course)


I love that both cats look the same. It’s kinda uncanny!!
Now for the difference in camera.

Sammy asked me if I could tell a difference so far in my new camera versus my old $99 Nikon.  I was like “UHHH YESSSSS”!! So being the anal person he is, he said he really couldn’t see the difference. So I showed him older pictures vs. new ones, granted I’m still learning my new camera. Still no difference (rolling eyes).

I told him that obviously I had touched up the old Nikon ones but he still didn’t see it. (ugh)

My biggest concern before was I could not for the life of me take a photo inside. They would come out orange and blurred. I figured this would be the best proof so I got both cameras and went into the living room and photographed Tubby. I downloaded both cameras and here are the results with out touching up either photo:

NIKON- (being as still as possible)




Sammy is a believer now!

And one more for good measure!


Ahhh it feels so great to be back!