Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday–Gotta Love Church Sales!

I honestly don’t know if you all really like my Thursday trash posts but I’m showin’ ya anyway.

I apologize for the picture but I took it on my camera phone and have already started painting it so this will have to do as my “before” shot.

photo (4)

It has two matching night stands but they are outside and I’m too cold and lazy to get them right now.  You’ll have to use your imagination as they look EXACTLY like this guy. I’ll get better pictures of them tomorrow during the day.

I’ve never purchased a set like this before but have to say the price tag caught my eye!! Let me also add that I found this at a church sale on the last day of the sale within the last few hours.

OK, don’t hate me when I tell you this price but I paid $3.00 for the set.  Ok, you can hate me now Smile

No lie! It was originally $30, then $20, then  somewhere in the ballpark of $15, then down to $3. Heck I would have carried that thing on my back for that price!! I really think the price tag reflected the ugly paint job it has on it now. I’ll try to get some good shots of it but can’t promise anything with my little trusty camera that takes miserable shots. I’m seriously hoping it’s not user error as I plan on getting an expensive one on Black Friday!

Oh and one more picture (since I’m kind of lacking in that area today) of my new oops paint collection. $0.50 each people!

photo (2)

Hard to believe I took both of these pictures with my phone. What a difference. One is way too dark and the other is too dang bright… I give up!

See you Tuesday ( I hope),


Twice Nice said...

$3!!! At first I thought you might have "lost" your zero. Then during the explanation of the price I realized the church lost it's zero. Great find! And your oops paint bins are more exciting than mine by far!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Just $3? Oh that's one awesome deal!!!


Tami Michel said...

Holy Crap! Where on earth? $3. We need to go shopping together. I'll let you tagalong on my curbrides and you can show me your shopping spots!