Friday, November 30, 2012

The Past Few Weeks


First of all, thank you Sammy for getting my computer back on track. I don't know what you did but I'm glad (for now )it's working!!  I’m so used to seeing a black screen with only the cursor showing and feeling like I was in black hole! Thank you, thank you!!

Second, let me just say my booth at Lula b's is doing spectacular and I'm thrilled to see my furniture go to good homes. I get so excited when I see people actually getting thrilled at my pieces! It's as if I made it for them and that feeling is AWESOME!!

This booth is seriously looking a little scarce right now and I couldn’t be happier!!



I keep trying to take pictures so I can keep track mentally of what's selling. I get paid on the 1st and the 15th and get all of my tags and receipts but I like to try to stay on top of things and really don't like to wait that long to see what's sold! So far the results are great!!  I couldn't be happier! I'm really being embraced by this artsy community...ahhh love.

So what have you missed in my life?

  • Awesome things at Lula B's
  • Not so awesome things in the world of Brianna's depression (novel waiting to be written there)
  • I got a new camera FINALLY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!
  • I picked up a kitten at a garage sale (small story there too) - Ashley named her Chrysanthemum
  • Next month is my 18th year anniversary of marriage to my favorite most literal and anal person I know! The love of my life - Sammy
  • Ashley's 19th birthday is next month and she wants to have it Chuck E Cheese - She's having a hard time holding on to her youth.

Hmmmm... I think that about covers it.  I think I just outlined blog topics for the next few days huh!? So here's what you have to do, comment on which of the above you want to hear about and I'll cover it in next. So many awesome/ boring things to talk about and you get to hear it all from me for free. It may be like reading War and Peace for you but for me, it's a free trip to the therapist!

I also can't wait to work on Christmas Holiday fun projects!!  I promise I would make a wonderful PTA mom!! I really miss that. Did I tell you I used to be a Girl Scout Troop Leader? Yes... my troop majored in arts & crafts" and we kicked the other troops butts!

I'll leave you with that for now and will show you loads of pictures of whatever you want! Just a little camera happy right now!

Missed you!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Technical Difficulty Tuesday :(

So no post for today but I PROMISE I'll be back.  My computer is on the fritz and EVERYTHING is lost!!! At least that's what it looks like so far unless Sammy can fix it.

Until then just know I'm working hard over here!!

...OH and have a great Thanksgiving!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday–Gotta Love Church Sales!

I honestly don’t know if you all really like my Thursday trash posts but I’m showin’ ya anyway.

I apologize for the picture but I took it on my camera phone and have already started painting it so this will have to do as my “before” shot.

photo (4)

It has two matching night stands but they are outside and I’m too cold and lazy to get them right now.  You’ll have to use your imagination as they look EXACTLY like this guy. I’ll get better pictures of them tomorrow during the day.

I’ve never purchased a set like this before but have to say the price tag caught my eye!! Let me also add that I found this at a church sale on the last day of the sale within the last few hours.

OK, don’t hate me when I tell you this price but I paid $3.00 for the set.  Ok, you can hate me now Smile

No lie! It was originally $30, then $20, then  somewhere in the ballpark of $15, then down to $3. Heck I would have carried that thing on my back for that price!! I really think the price tag reflected the ugly paint job it has on it now. I’ll try to get some good shots of it but can’t promise anything with my little trusty camera that takes miserable shots. I’m seriously hoping it’s not user error as I plan on getting an expensive one on Black Friday!

Oh and one more picture (since I’m kind of lacking in that area today) of my new oops paint collection. $0.50 each people!

photo (2)

Hard to believe I took both of these pictures with my phone. What a difference. One is way too dark and the other is too dang bright… I give up!

See you Tuesday ( I hope),

Monday, November 12, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- What does CC really stand for???

I did it guys…I copied you. But truth is I don’t feel bad about it at all.  Does this mean I’m a bad person?? I hope not!

What did I copy? Well let me show you?


Yes, this fabulous piece was copied by yours truly.  I’ve seen this done by so many of you out there and I just had to try it for myself and am so pleased with the results. So do I mind that today you say “she totally copied this”…Heck-to-the-NO. I love it! In fact I’m going to show you more of this mint green (make my heart go pitter patter) retro dresser!


And can you see where it is already? Waiting for someone to snatch it up!

It goes without saying that the “before” photos are up next:


This next part I’m only showing because I’m a nerd like that and while some people love their fashion products, I feel strongly about my furniture products. ALSO, so you know, while some people are darn lucky and get their products FREE to try and test out…I’m not that lucky.

Bitter, well maybe a tad.

Regardless, I had to show you what my citristrip (paint stripper mom) did on this piece. Let’s just say I got really lucky!!


Isn’t that FREAKIN’ AWESOME!! 

As always, thanks for tuning in and checking out the latest from “CC”!!


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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday- Where have you been all my life?

The reason for my title is I found this at a yard sale the other day and have been looking for one like it all over the world. Trouble is, I would find something like it but didn’t want to pay the crazy cost so I’d pass it up. BUT THEN… Saturday morning, I came across a yard sale that had a shelf which caught my eye. I needed one small enough for my booth so I stopped. I had $7 with me and the girl said the shelf was $3. As reached for the shelf I happen to glance over and see this…


B E A U T I F U L   G I F T   F R O M   G O D!!!!!

I politely ask the lady how much (trying not to salivate) and she shrugs and says “$10.00”. Without hesitating I ask “will you take$7 ?” and she said, “sure”.  Just so you know I’m not a haggler!! I pay the asking price, so the fact that I even asked is crazy to me.  And the fact that she went down and threw in the shelf for free is even crazier!!!!

I have to say I’m torn on what to do to this guy because 75% of me already sees it one way (which I’m not telling how I see it), and the other part wants to try something I’ve seen done everywhere.  It may just come down to how much paint is on this guy to determine the outcome.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see (don’t you love this sneaky side of me?)

Catch you later!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- Retro Chic Is Here To Stay!

I’m such a fan of this type of style! This chair in fact, is such a statement piece I LOOOVVEE it!.


Love that he’s so hip and modern (yet so old). Hey there’s nothing wrong with statement!!

Especially when you look at the aged look he was before:


I mean, who doesn’t’ like an old flower pattern right??!! (Not I).

He’ll be going in my booth for sure, so keep your eye out for him if your local.


My first couple of days there were great. I loved setting up my space and Ashley even  came down to help me (she surprised me and I cried)…big ‘ol sap!

We set up on Saturday and part of the contract is you have to volunteer two Eight hour shifts. Since I signed up late, I had to take what was left so I worked half a day on Saturday  (after setting up my booth) and all day Sunday.  Not to mention my already 50 hour week from work …which meant I was pretty much a zombie on Monday. ugh…tired! 


I met some great people and the customers were great! I even sold a table my first day there which I hear is pretty rare.  I also haven’t worked a register since high school or so, and got to do that too. Good to know my math isn’t too terrible since it all checked out by the end of the night – whew!

My boss Terri even visited me which was awesome and so very sweet. I never would have gotten that from my old job, that’s for sure (with the exception of my old boss who loved everyone!!).

The other little detail that I found so amazing for some reason, is this girl came in and dropped over $500.00 cash on costume jewelry and gold plated tea cups!!  FIVE  HUNDERED  BUCKS Cash on crap. Sorry, but really?!!?!  Amazing!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my weekly trash to treasures, just in case I forget to tell ya! And don’t forget to leave me a comment telling me if you love it or hate it or if I need to try something new!! I love the feedback.


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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Welcome to Lula B’s !!

Let me just say  “wow”!!  So much to see and so little time!

Lula B’s is amazing and I’m so excited to have my first booth there. I even sold a couple of things already!! (go Rita, It’s your birthday!)

Now for a brief, Lula B’s tour, but you really have to go in person to get lost in that vintage awesomeness.





Thanks you guys for wishing me well on this new venture and even coming by the store to see my stuff!!  I appreciate you!!