Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Frankly My Darlin’…


Since I didn’t get to show you any pictures yesterday, I thought I would share this small Mod Podge project I did the other day (when I wasn’t putting up a shed or working Monday through Saturday).- just sayin!

It used to be Ashley’s make up table that sat by her mirror in her room. Believe me it had seen better days. But it originally started out looking even worse:

This is how it looked when I picked it up from a yard sale. It was gold and ugly but it was sooo cool and had such potential, I just had to buy it!

I painted it black and used black and white toile I had for the top but after Miss Makeup went to town on it, it was black, white, Lavender shimmer, Pretty Me Pink, and who knows what else she got on it!!

I didn’t stray far from what I did originally but love the new look:


And a close up of the vintage awesomeness!!


AAAANNNNDDDDDDDD…. Last but certainly not least…my new shed!


Alrighty folks, see you Thursday!

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Michelle Melville said...

Love it so much!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

what a fun makeup table!!! love the retro vibe!

momtofatdogs said...

Beatuiful little table! That looks really cool.

We, too, are building a shed. Only I can't say we did it in a weekend. Prince Charming is VERY industrious (sp?). We have been working on it for ...like...18 months? Something like that. It has been a big project.16X24 with 12' walls (floored @ 8' for storage...and with 2 12X24 lean to's) Since I can be "difficult to deal with" it has to match the house meaning it's got vinyl siding! - Prince Charming picked the size, I am the one that expects it to look asthetically pleasing. Yah, that!

But right now all our little used sh!t is in a mini storage unit I have decided to call the "Bone Yard" - why that? Coz I have a bunch of furniture in it! Furniture I have picked up cheaply or for free. I have a good freind that is a realtor, you can NOT believe what people get shed of when they are moving. Prince Charming aint seen none of it. Ugh!

Can't wait to see what comes out those magic doors of your shed.


Nadine @ Chic with the Kool-Aid Mustache said...

What a great transformation...love the Old Hollywood vintage vibe. Is that shed full yet? lol