Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hump- Day Extra!!

I promised you “after” photos of awesome dresser I bought, so here is:


And I know you guys want to get out there and trick or treat so I’ll show you the “before” photos really, really quick!


Ok, hope that was worth the wait!!  Happy Halloween and I hope you get lots of treats!!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- Terri’s Treasure

So happy about the way this one turned out, so Rusty if you read this…Ya done good!!


I paid $6 each for the baskets from Hobby Lobby. They were half off of 11.99 and the knobs were in a bin of clearance knobs for $1.02. I mixed a couple of oops paints I had to get the pink.  So not bad for an under $15 transformation, huh!

Here’s the before:



By the way this drawer was freakin’ welded shut!! I had to pry that thing loose. I also did away with the four holes and made two instead. I thought knobs would look more appropriate than pulls!


And here’s the after:



I fixed the broken leg but you can still see the scar Sad smile



Such a fun project and a true “trash to treasure”. I can’t wait to put this in my new booth! Just need to come up with a price. Ya’ll feel free to help out on that one!!

I’ll be linking up to these fun parties so make sure you go by for TONS AND TONS of inspiration! ~ Rita


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random Sunday Photos

Since I have lots to do before taking my furniture stash to Lula B’s not to mention price everything (so exciting), I wanted to post a few pictures from this weekend.

First up is this awesome, “meant to be” garage sale find from Saturday!!

(but first a story)

Sammy took me to get a coffee Saturday and to go to the bank to get some money. If you know Sam at all, you’ll know he’s a loving guy with the best intentions but his speed is…well…rather….s l o w….

He even offered to take me to garage sales and as Brianna and I looked with horror in our eyes we politely declined.  Instead we hopped in my car and hit the ground running.  I cracked up when Brianna said “man I didn’t know how much more I could take”. My sentiments exactly… We were on a mission!!

The first garage sale we came up to didn’t have much at all, but I did see two huge cut out letters which were “C’s”, which is fine if you’re name has a C in it…so I kept driving. THEN IT HIT ME!!!!  HELLOOOO?!?!?!?!

Curbside Creations

I whipped the car around and purchased them for $5 each. Not my typical buy, but these were meant to be!!

They wee originally black but I painted them an awesome bright color and will hopefully have room for them in my NEW booth (I’m hoping  they fit anyway). The space is kind of snug but it would be nice to tell people, “just look for the giant “C’s” !!


You can NOT tell me these are not AMAZING and made just for ME!!


I found this mirror at one of my garage sales Saturday too! It was $3.00 and Absolutely Awesome!! He will also be at the booth!

First though here is a little riddle for you:

What do you get when you get an awesome $3 mirror and


recently purchase $0.50 Oops Paint and one hot mama?


That’s right one awesome mirror, and the hot mama is standing in the sun, sweating and stuff!!  Do you like my painting garb??? ha ha!


And that’s my awesome digital camera that I hate. One day I’ll have a wonderful camera…one day!

And last, do you remember a mirror I was having major difficulties with?? I might have only posted it to my face book?

It had three layers of paint. White, Green and purple…yes I said purple!! It’s owner wanted to paint it a light walnut stain which was virtually impossible. Even after letting it bathe in my citrus paint stripper, it almost defeated me. I worked and worked on this until I could hardly stand it and in the end, it looked pretty good (considering). I did paint the shell part of this mirror off white to hide very noticeable imperfections. I returned the mirror this afternoon.



For some reason I thought I took a picture of the whole thing but now it’s gone and I can’t take a full body picture. I’m a dork like that sometimes.

Well I hope you enjoyed my weekend projects and look forward to showing you Terri’s Table on Tuesday.  I did that for Ashley! She loves alliterations Winking smile


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday– Dearest Terri!

I have to say the great thing about having a boss that is a good friend of mine is she knows the way to my heart!

She had me come in on Saturday and in return, not only do I get overtime but she gave me this too!!!


This will definitely needs some work but isn’t she BE-U-TIFUL!!!. This was truly a curbside find!!

And what was funny was Terri and her mother-in-law (aka my best friend Cindy) stopped to pick this up for me. Rusty (Terri’s husband/Cindy’s son) described to me how horrifying it was to steal someone else’s trash and “JUST SIT THERE IN THE STREET”. He was hysterical!! I cracked up!!

Ahhh friends…what we do for one another!

AAAANNNNDDDD for exciting news!!

Curbside Creations will now reside at Lula B’s in Deep Ellum (Yay! Gasp! Woo Hoo!!) Can you tell I’m excited about this?!?!


No more tarp covered furniture!! It will be on display for all of Dallas to see!!!!!! Which is why I waited so late to post. Just got back from signing the contract!

So make sure you stop by in November and see me!!  And come back Tuesday for more fun and pictures!!

Rita Winking smile

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Frankly My Darlin’…


Since I didn’t get to show you any pictures yesterday, I thought I would share this small Mod Podge project I did the other day (when I wasn’t putting up a shed or working Monday through Saturday).- just sayin!

It used to be Ashley’s make up table that sat by her mirror in her room. Believe me it had seen better days. But it originally started out looking even worse:

This is how it looked when I picked it up from a yard sale. It was gold and ugly but it was sooo cool and had such potential, I just had to buy it!

I painted it black and used black and white toile I had for the top but after Miss Makeup went to town on it, it was black, white, Lavender shimmer, Pretty Me Pink, and who knows what else she got on it!!

I didn’t stray far from what I did originally but love the new look:


And a close up of the vintage awesomeness!!


AAAANNNNDDDDDDDD…. Last but certainly not least…my new shed!


Alrighty folks, see you Thursday!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

No News is Good News

Nope, no pics to show today as I imagined but also let me tell you that I did put up a shed this weekend!!

Yep, it has been sitting in my sun room for four YEARS  but this weekend it went up and it took us ALL weekend to do it.

I have sore arms and small cuts on my hands to show for this weekend and I did get up a bit early on Sunday to get some painting in. But nothing finished (boo). Heck I didn’t even get pictures of the shed if that tells you how exhausting my weekend was.

I’ll get the pictures up as soon as I can but not to leave you hanging, I decided to go with gray and white for my colors of choice. I’m into gray and white these days…don’t know why. Anyway can’t wait to show you what I have in store.

Be back soon I promise!




I may have an opportunity to put some of my furniture in a store called Lula B’s in Dallas. This place is awesome. I find out tomorrow! Wish me luck~

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday–Coolest Chest YET

I didn’t want to throw in a picture of what I was going to work on unless I could finish it this weekend but I just had to show this to you!!


Irving Thrift Store, Random afternoon, no money in pocket (so of course I had to stop!!)


Uneasy- what if I see something I have to buy!!

Unnerving (spelling?)- if I do find something I’ll have to dip into my savings and explain this to Sammy.

THEN IT HAPPENED!!!  dun dun dun…..

I see this:



Cost:  written in chalk says $119.

Whew, I can’t afford that so I keep walking. Then..I turn and go back. was that a “1” in front of it? So I ask…


So of course I buy it!! I mean look at that body and top…and NO I’m not referring to a gorgeous person!! And did I mention the hardware..ok stopping now!!



Do you see all the crap I’m covering up in the background…I have issues.

Posting my progress on Tuesday!

Have a good week,

Sunday, October 14, 2012

$4.00 Table With Potential!

First let me say I've been around just busy and picking up life pieces that you sometimes find falling apart around you.  But things are better and life’s looking promising as it always does!


I’m hoping in lieu of being gone so long I can make up for it with some pictures of the $4 table I picked up at a church sale a while back. You can read about it here.

It is FINALLY done and I ended up doing it in stages so although I don’t have the complete “after” picture, as soon as my sis gives me one I’ll post it here. For now, you’ll just have to use your imagination!

Here’s what I had to work with:




They were painted brown and had silk (NASTY) chair covers. The table was a dark brown and remember it ended up being particle wood and the chairs real wood which ended in a predicament for me. 

I decided that since this set was for my sister who has small children, I would paint the table and chairs black. This will give the the chairs longer life not to mention easier to hide the wear and tear that they are in for. Especially if I know those two little ones (and I DO!).

The table was a different story. It was particle wood which meant for me that it had to be painted. I opted for Annie Sloan’s Paris Grey. Then I went over it twice with dark wax until I got the look and feel I was going for. This is what I came up with:








I went to JoAnn’s Fabric but didn’t find a fabric I liked in my price range so we headed over to Hobby Lobby and found this for 8.99 a yard. I got three yards to be on the safe side and only ended up using 2. So technically this cost in total around $35.00 but should have only been $25.00. I have lots of extra material (sorry Dre)

I went in saying I need something with a pattern, something with Gray and that ties it into the gray and black table and that I got. I think this is gorgeous.

Not to mention I only set out to make this table look like she paid $400 and not $4 which I think It does. At least in my eyes Winking smile

So AGAIN, sorry to stay away so long for those of you who actually did miss me. I promise things are looking MUCH BETTER and one day I may share my sabbatical with you guys, but for now let me just end with  “Welcome Back to Me”.

Love you much!

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