Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dorm Décor on a Dime!

Ok you have to give me props for that alliteration!! right!?
So one thing we’ve found out about the Dorm life (since this is a first for Ashley as well as myself) is that you end up needing things you didn’t really plan for. One good thing about Ashley is she is as frugal minded as her mother!! That being said she tends to look at something and really pay attention to the benefit versus the price. For example, instead of go out and purchasing something brand new, we searched the thrift stores instead. If that doesn’t work, I always have some DIY goodies in mind.
On to the Thrift store to see what we find!!
In this case we found this cool huge flower that seemed to be for a kids room and a couple of frames that we knew we could do SOMETHING with!
She paid $1.99 for the flower and I believe $2.99 on the frames.
We didn’t get to the cool ornate one to the left but that is coming soon!! We already had plans for the block frame when we saw that she didn’t have to add extra holes in her dorm wall for it. They charge extra per hole! Nope, this one can sit anywhere in her room.

The first thing we did was look at the size of the flower and knew it could serve a dual function.
1. a cork board
2. a chalk board

So we got to painting the chalk board petals:

Next (sorry no picture) I took a piece of paper and laid it flat on the circle. I took a piece of chalk and outlined the circle(it makes a great guide). I cut the circle out of the paper and then traced it onto a piece of cork board I had laying around.
I painted the cork a cool accent color and hot glued it onto the center of the flower. I also painted the trim of the flower to match.
We loved the blue color so much we painted the frame in the same color and added a damask stencil in white.
And there you have it. A frame and chalkboard/cork board both for under $10.00.
I’m SO made to be a college mom!
These photos are on her wall taken by her phone Winking smile
photo (4)        photo (2)
Come back tomorrow and I’ll post BETTER photos of my chevron desk!
See you then,


Twice Nice said...

What a brilliant idea with that flower! So cute, and totally functional for her room. I've got one leaving for college in 2 years. I'm going to start looking for cool stuff like this now! Love the frame idea too...extra for holes in the wall, what??!

Laura said...

A hole-saving idea for your daughter's dorm room is to use the 3M removables. They work great!