Tuesday, September 25, 2012


My kids laugh at me because I have to give a background story to everything I say so what’s stopping me this time…well, nothing!
The prelude to this gift basket is I have a good friend that recently moved into her first home. She loves DIY stuff and has a great taste in home décor. I wanted to make her something that would fit with her style, not break the bank, and really make something she knew I put effort into!
Now the first thing I should say before I start is spray paint is your friend!! Spray paint is a cheap way to make something frugal look fabulous!!
I’ll try to give you the run downs of prices per piece and hope she doesn’t read this because that would be kind of rude of me!  Regardless you get the idea and hopefully think “WOW I CAN DO THIS”!!
First up, the gift basket. I found this one at my local thrift store and painted it Heirloom white.  Cost $3.99

Now just to fill it. I found these cute birds and if you know my friend, you know her fondness of birds. Cost $3 for the set.
I painted them a nice Periwinkle blue that I had in my stash. Can you tell?? That bottle has seen better days! Yuck!
This color will brighten up any room so those birdies go in the basket Smile
I also found this broken mirror at the thrift store too and this was a fun one!! I don’t have a before photo, but it was white and not so pretty and had a big gap on one side. So wanna know what I did???!! I used MIghty Putty. That stuff is AWESOME!! It stinks really bad but it was amazing!!! So I applied a piece to the gap and let it dry. All I can say is ANY JOB BIG OR SMALL, MIGHTY PUTTY SEALED IT ALL!! (I crack myself up!!)
I had to use my dremel tool to sand down the putty then gave it a fresh coat of Aqua spray paint. Cost $1.99
I had some candle holders for her Beach room so that went in the basket as well. These weren’t from the thrift store! No, I got them at Michel’s for 90% off. I know sometimes I have the best luck!!
OH and almost forgot, remember this chalk board sign I made:
I attached this to the basket with wire and wrote a catchy little phrase like “LIFES A BEACH” I got it ready to go to it’s new beach room!!
photo (2)
And here is my “under $10 gift” ready to give to her. I hope you don’t think I’m too cheap. Haha! It was fun and very special!
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Twice Nice said...

I love that you did this and so will your friend! You put more thought and time into this "frugal" basket than most people who go out and buy an expensive pre-packed basket of just "stuff". Great post!!

Kelli @bellascraftymom said...

I love it and your blog. Your newest following from the facebook page hop.

Tami {Curb Alert!} said...

Spray paint is my BESTIE! Great job. My new saying is "FreeNinetyNine". Great job with a big bang for 10bucks!

Tami {Curb Alert!} said...

Rita, I just featured this on my facebook page. Thanks for linking up such a cute project!