Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random Sunday Post To Get The Week Started :)

Hope everyone is having a great summer! Wish I could say I’ve been getting LOTS done but I haven’t. Nope, too much work going on which believe me is a good thing. Just doesn’t leave time for fun stuff like painting. boo.

Oh well, I’m grateful for overtime with school starting soon.

Today I went out to my sunroom- slash- junk area, and remembered this little table I picked up the other day at a yard sale.  Don’t know what hit me but I knew what needed to be done to it and couldn’t help myself. Before I could turn around, I had the table in my hand and headed in the house with a paint brush and a random blue paint I had.

Remember this guy:



Well here’s what it looks like today!


And I even included pics of the process…I know…sometimes I just get on a roll don’t I?!

By the way, this is the cheap and hard way to get this done. If you’re lucky enough to have a Circuit Machine or a nice stencil from a Hobby store, then by all means go that route. Ha, this process was long and I had paint all over my hands ~


This is my home made stencil made from cardstock. And I didn’t start at the side of the table either. I made a cross point using a tape measure and chalk to find the center of the table.  Once I had that I started in the center and made my way out. I knew if I didn’t my design would end up looking off center.


And the finished project:


Well that’s my Sunday small table transformation. It’s cute and ready to sell.

Hope you have a great week! I’ll be at work at 6AM tomorrow getting ready for the downpour of stress. My coworker Amy is out at the beach for a week so I get all the “Amy” questions in her absence.

Think of me and wish me good vibes so I don’t hurt anyone!! 

Thank you,


Twice Nice said...

That table is adorable! I can't believe you were able to mass produce that design so consistently without a stencil. You really rock! I am in awe.

Twice Nice said...

Oh, and Good luck this week!

momtofatdogs said...

WOW! That turned out great! And Cricut's are (IMHO) overrated & over priced. But that's only coz I bought one after Christmas & you know how many times I have used it...? Ready foer this???... ONE TIME. Yep ONCE.

I love that blue. You did a fantastic job.


Jamie said...

That's AMAZING!! Did you paint the stencil or color the whole thing in with that sharpie?

Peggy~PJH Designs said...

Wow! Great job just using that template! I love how it turned out. Won't you share with my readers at Totally Transformed Tuesday? Hope to see you there. Peggy

Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

Ok, I'm impressed. I have a Silhouette machine and used it to cut my stencil for a similar table. It was tedious work. I can't image hand tracing the stencil like you did! Kudos!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is adorable! i love the colors and patter and your talent!!!!

momma_drea said...

So cute... good job Reed!!