Monday, June 25, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- New Old chest

So I’m not gonna lie. I just slapped this together and it looked pretty hideoderous. The inside…yuk! Not to mention some chemical spill that happened inside of it. I sprayed water inside and it came out yellow with sudsy bubbles. I washed my hands then bathed.

Anyway getting on with it. This is what it looks like now(kind of):


I say kind of because it looks, not so great right now so I did all kinds of photo editing to make it look “Blog worthy”.

But seeing as it looked like this before:


Well it didn’t change quite that much but one thing I know for sure is people pay money to have something go from green and old to a new improved ‘Green and old’…can I get an AMEN!

The graphic on the top of the new improved trunk is via Graphic Fairy!

Hope you are having a great week, I’ll be checking your blogs very soon!!


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