Monday, June 25, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- New Old chest

So I’m not gonna lie. I just slapped this together and it looked pretty hideoderous. The inside…yuk! Not to mention some chemical spill that happened inside of it. I sprayed water inside and it came out yellow with sudsy bubbles. I washed my hands then bathed.

Anyway getting on with it. This is what it looks like now(kind of):


I say kind of because it looks, not so great right now so I did all kinds of photo editing to make it look “Blog worthy”.

But seeing as it looked like this before:


Well it didn’t change quite that much but one thing I know for sure is people pay money to have something go from green and old to a new improved ‘Green and old’…can I get an AMEN!

The graphic on the top of the new improved trunk is via Graphic Fairy!

Hope you are having a great week, I’ll be checking your blogs very soon!!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Only Me…

So I know lot’s of you have used this phrase before. Well I use it all the time and I’m glad to see fellow bloggers posting their stories so we don’t feel alone.

Here’s my story…

So for Father’s Day I bought Sammy a riding lawn mower. The trouble is our yard is a pain in the ass to mow. Our lawn person bailed on us and I think our neighbor turned us in for our lawn being higher than the height it is supposed to be. I’m also not one of those women you see outside doing yard work (believe me unless I’m painting, you can’t pay me to be outside) anyway, this was HARD!

Oh and Sammy gets home late everyday so there the lawn rarely gets done.

I decided last week I was going to cut it and knowing a “future” riding mower was on its way, this would put that much more emphasis on the AWESOME gift he was getting.  That being said, I talked to Sammy that day and he said he’d be leaving work soon so I went and put on my cute little cut off shorts, my tank top and grabbed the mower. I basically wanted him to see his hot wife outside pushing this stupid lawn mower and feel really bad. I’m calculating woman, I know this.

Well, things did not happen as I planned.  I started mowing and that thing was heavy. I called to make sure he was coming soon and he said “in  20 minutes”. This is already later than I expected so I went ahed and told him I was mowing. He told me to stop and he’d finish when he got there and for me just to edge.

This is fine and dandy except the battery died on the edger and I only got the left side of the lawn done (we have a circle drive). So I looked at the lawn and it looked worse than when I started. Kind of like a kids butchered hair cut.

I knew I couldn’t leave the yard looking that way so I kept cutting until Sammy got home. Well, it got dark fast but I got the majority of the lawn done. By this time, it’s already an hour past when Sam and I first talked, Now, I’m hot and sweaty and achy from this piece of crap mower. That’s when it happens….I ran into the water faucet pipe that is sticking out of the ground and water is now shooting up past my head. I’m 5’1” incase you were wondering.

Yep, I didn’t see it through our wild grass and I now have a water fountain in my front yard. So of course, what do I do in my panic, I throw my body over the water and am now soaked with dirty water. I scream for Ashley to call her dad to ask how to turn the water off, while I’m trying to cover the water that’s gushing in my face. I have mud in my mouth, makeup streaming down my face. I’m soaked when Sammy pulls up and  shines his lights on me. This was NOT how it was supposed to go.

I also did try to turn off the water but couldn’t. So instead, I got the spout thingy and rammed it back in the pipe as best as I could and that helped some. Needless to say this was a DISASTER. So he comes up to me and asked what happened and I of course start asking him why the heck he took so long. If he had been there ON TIME this wouldn’t  have happened. As I was talking to him, I was spitting dirt and mud particles from my mouth. UGH!

Well, his Lawn mower came in yesterday and he loves it!! And he also showed me on the old lawn mower where the gears are to make it actually move on its own. Apparently it is self propelled and I was doing it wrong the whole freakin’ time!!

So to all of those “It could only happen to me” friends out there, it doesn’t only happen to you!



Thrown Away Thursday–Treasure chest? Not so much!

This is a simple one this week…Yeah right!!  This chest belongs to my friend Cindy who now lives in Amarillo. sad face.

She gave this to me months ago and told me to work my magic and like everything else in my life…I’ve procrastinated and now have to give it to her this week. EEK! No time like the present to get it done huh!


Oh and incase you were wondering, I found my camera on the dining room table. Only it has tons of pictures from “The Wanted” concert photos on it.  TEENAGERS!!!



I’ll be posting about my embarrassing Fathers Day tale so you may want to stick around for that.

see you soon,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday–For Mema

Next time I say I’m going to do a project this big, and it’s Father’s Day Weekend, and I have College orientation for Ashley (not these circumstances exactly but you know what I mean), you have my permission to tell me I’m crazy!! I was bound and determine to finish and almost did but not quite.

This is what I ended up with thus far:

photo 1

Pardon the picture but it was taken on my iphone. Ashley had a concert to go to tonight “The WANTED” (insert scream) and I believe she took my camera.

photo 4

This color is actually a VERY light gray. It’s really pretty up close and I didn’t do anything to the hardware. Partly because I ran out of time and I ended up liking them like that. Ok, whatever, I’m lazy…there I said it.

I still have lots to do to this piece. One drawer is incomplete, I need to line the insides of the drawers, there is still some touching up to do and more distressing. It also turns out that there is a stool that goes with it that I totally forgot about. So like I said, lots of work still left to do.

It will be going home with my mother-in-law (better known as Mema). She fell in love with this piece when she first saw it. This is when we were having plumbing issues (remember). Anyway after Sammy asked me to crawl under the deck to check out a pipe, I cringed and refused. Next thing I knew, my mother-in-law was shimmying her way under the deck in the mud and God knows what else. It was at that moment, I knew this vanity was going home with her. I’da paid her $100 to check out that pipe for me honestly, but figured, the vanity would do.

OOPS, almost forgot the before shot:



See you Thursday!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday–Oh no could it be??!!

Could I really be tempting you with a “before” photo?????


I’m just hoping the phrase “my eyes are bigger than my stomach” like when you order everything on the menu and only eat a few bites, doesn’t apply here!

I’ve just had this enormous itch to paint!!  So this is what I decided on:


And yes there is a mirror that goes with this vanity. I know, I realize I’m probably setting myself up for failure but what the hell?? I’ll see what I can get done!!

Oh and I’m also attending Ashley’s orientation this weekend! So we’ll see what happens.

********************    D.M.V. HELL   *********************

On a separate note, Ashley got her permit finally. We have been to the DMV 5 - count them FIVE times!!!

Those of you with teenage kids getting their license, be warned. This is a list of what went wrong:

1. Ashley forgot her glasses!
2. New law passed and I needed two forms of proof of residency
3. I take the proof of residency, one of which didn’t count. I had an extra bill but since the bills come in Sammy’s name, regardless if we’re married, He has to be he one to be there with her.
4. Sammy takes her back with proof of residency and now one form she had filled out previously from school has expired(we didn’t know it expired)
BUT…she is now 18 so she doesn’t need the form (good news) BUT she needs two forms of identification which she doesn’t have (bad news)

5. I take her the same day - with her two forms of Identification. They said they would make an exception ONLY if I get there the same day before 6PM. We get there at 5:51 and she FINALLY GOT HER PERMIT. HALLELUIAH!!!

 That whole experience was stressful. So now I’m off to bed!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ashley’s Graduation Party

We had a GREAT time at the party the day after graduation. I have to say the best part was the photo booth which was headed by no other than my friend Susie with Susie Otto Photography!! I think everyone’s true personality came out with their get-ups on. It was hysterical!

Also, I decorated the room we had at Spring Creek BBQ. I found lots of these ideas from Pintrest and did the best I could to get my tables to look like what I’d found but I think I did pretty good!


LLLLOOOOVVVEEE the cake my sister Andrea (Dre) bought for the occasion. oh and in case you were wondering the colors are for the school she will attend in Fall –
A & M Commerce!

Now here’s more pics then on with the show!!

cake2smart cookietable1table2

…Notice my mini diploma’s???





Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Congratulations Ashley!



Dear Ashley,

I always knew the day would come when you graduated and I’d be so excited, things would be great and exciting… I just didn’t think it would be so soon. I’ve been thinking about your first day of kindergarten and how excited you were with your brand new Hello Kitty back pack. It really doesn’t seem like that long ago.

The thing I think of now, knowing you’ll be going off to college to become a Teacher is remembering how I felt letting you go to start your “elementary school life”. I was now entrusting your teachers to help mold you and teach you. Every year you went off to a different grade you left a piece of yourself with your teachers and as hard as it was, I had to share you with them. But truth is, without their help, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. I’m so proud of you for who you are, what you stand for and the fact that you will one day share yourself with someone else’s child. I hope you understand how hard it is for a mother to leave their child and have faith that the person accepting them, will do a great job. The fact that you will be that ‘someone’ one day is a true blessing. You are such a shiny, happy person and to be in your aura is greatness! I know you’ll spread that sunshine to everyone you meet and someday …teach.

The hardest part for me is, yet again, letting you go to explore the unknown but I know you’ll come out on top! And even though I may cry myself to sleep for a while I’ll know in my heart that each day you’re gone, you are that much closer to being the Teacher you always wanted to be and because of YOU a parent will breathe a little easier. So go touch more lives as you have already and know mom’s always here ready to hear your stories, your new experiences and experience the ‘unknown’ with you!

And last but definitely not least- My unorthodox words of wisdom :

1. Always have shine on your lips!

2. Always put on a clean pair of underwear!

3. ALWAYS make your own sunshine!- (I’ve been saying this as you exit the car since elementary school)

I love you - now go RULE THE WORLD!

PICTURE TIME!! lots of them!

Ash, mom, dad and Brianna ( I was crying so no makeup!)Family

Ash, mom, dad


Ash and Brianna (windy outside)


Ash and Ernesto (BFF 1)


Ash and Claudia (BFF 2)


Ash and Phillip (BFF 3)


Ash, Liv, and Miguel (Aunt from Chicago and Uncle from Phoenix)


Ash and Grandparents (My mom and step dad)


Ash and Mema (Sammy’s mom)


Graduation party pics coming soon!!