Thursday, May 03, 2012

What a week!

You know the phrase "gone fishing"?? Well that's where I feel like I've been but not at a lake. My house has been under construction with plumbing issues galore and I'm over it!

We had my in-laws over the past couple of weekends to help and in the midst, Ashley had Prom and it was Sammy's birthday week.


So to fully understand the chaos you have to picture my house. Right side of when you open the door, CONSTRUCTION ZONE! Dust, dirt, mud, water, dishwasher in the middle of the kitchen, dirty dishes that couldn't be cleaned in the sink and crap everywhere.

On the left hand side, Ashley and her best friend Dalila in beautiful gowns getting primped and ready for Prom. What a sight!

Meanwhile I did their hair so they could save $100 each. In order to do this I watched You Tube videos to learn how do to a  "up-do" and a "side sweep". Yeah, I was super mom!

Since this is a short refresher post, I’ll attach some quick photos of this past week.

Ashley and Dalila ready to go to their Masquerade ball:


Susie came by and took some photos which I’ll share when they’re ready. This one was a quick shot before they left.

Speaking of MY BFF Susie, here is the card she made for Sammy’s Birthday from me and the kids. The photos are all of his stuff he treasures!

This was the proof of the front and back of the card. It’s on a leather background.


This was on the inside:


And lastly here is a before and after photo of the little desk I made for my niece Mia:

DSCN2045  DSCN2048


DSCN2179  DSCN2182

I have great stuff to work on now that I have some time to do it! So stick around!



Megan said...

Oh man, I don't envy you! Prom, bdays, construction, whew I'm tired just reading about it :) Love love love that you did their hair, that's freaking awesome!! Love the card too!

Twice Nice said...

beautiful girls!
I love that reverse colors floral stencil/painting on the desk. That is so fresh! Turned out so cool!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

WOW. what a week!!! at least you have an adorable desk to show for it! and how awesome is that picture before the masquerade- how fun!

Katie said...

wow! You've been busy! That would be so cool to have a masquerade prom! Love that desk too!!

Ellen said...

Before and after is GREAT!....smiles