Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Post Aboutta Post

This title is supposed to be read with a heavy accent like “Badda boom badda bing”.  Ha, I crack myself up.

I just got an email from Bonnie who was my contest winner. She had a red chest of drawers that she wanted to use for her twins in their nursery. Here is what it looked like before I got a hold of it:


I took her nursery theme of hot air balloons and ran!


And this is what it looks like in her nursery (yay!!)


You can see the rest of her nursery here!
(mom, click on the word “here”)


We’re gearing up for Graduation and the Graduation Party in the Mireles household!! It’s very exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. I took some quick pics of the pre party planning and decided to share them here. You can just IMAGINE the fun we’ll have!

photo (1)photo (2)photo (4)

Oh that one with the face is kind of scary all blown up. I couldn’t see that on my phone (eek).

But yes we are planning on have a great time.

Have a great Thursday!!


Monday, May 28, 2012

Prom 2012

So what’s more fun than going to prom? Being the one to see it all in action. The hair, the makeup, the pizza being devoured in between – that’s the fun job of a mom and I got to see it all unfold. Precious~

This is Ashley and her BFF Dalila getting ready. They were going to pay $100 each for someone to do their hair so I immediately stepped in and did it for them (hello??). Of course I had to watch a couple of YouTube videos first but I prevailed!!

XJ5C0414XJ5C0418        XJ5C0419XJ5C0425        XJ5C0426XJ5C0434

She had a great time at her prom and I had a great time getting her ready for it.

Thank you again Susie for being there to capture the memories. I appreciate you!                

Next week is graduation (OH MY GOSH) and party time on Sunday.  I’ll be back with ALL Kinds of photos of that – promise!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!



I never saw that $200.00…just sayin’  Smile

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- Reese’s Princess Bed

This is  how you know Reese is just like a human child.  She saw her bed, got all excited, sat on it for a while…now..she’s over it!
Yes, world, my darling precious girl is a B-R-A-T.
She does look so precious in her new bed though doesn’t she!! Yes I know she needs a haircut…no time…don’t judge!
Here’s what it looked like before:
And After:
I think she looks precious, but what can I say?!?! Also I forgot to mention that the blanket she is on was given to her by a lady at a flea market that was selling it. I was walking Reese and the lady thought she was so cute she had to give the blanket to her (don’t ask me why, I have no idea). Anyway Reese has been sleeping on it ever since. It’s kind of her blankee!
So this is the last couple weeks of school and I have a Senior that is demanding my time so I won’t be posting any before and afters next week…however…I may have a contest up my sleeve so be looking for it. I say “may have” because I have no idea when I’m going to do it, but I’ll let you know as soon as I know.
Oh and I’ll have prom pics to share and graduation is coming up and Graduation party – oh my!
(I found another gray hair, I wonder why?)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday- Princess Pea!

I’ll explain the title in a minute!

First let me show you the bed frame I just picked up…fit for a princess, right?


… a princess pup, that is!


I about died when I saw this at a yard sale for $5. It’s a doll bed but OF COURSE I immediately thought of Reese!! She is the princess after all!

Look at that precious girl!!


photo        photo (2)

Yes, this is my Princess Pea! And the reason I call her that is because of the story of the princess and the pea. I know for a fact that if this girl were to sleep on 100 mattresses, she could feel a pea underneath because she is a REAL princess and she knows it! '

Do I get teased for saying this? Yes
Do I get blamed for loving Reese more than anyone else? Yes
Do I talk for her and give her a speech impediment? Yes

I know…I know…ridiculous but she’s is my precious girl and if she wants an old Victorian bed, by golly, that’s what she’s gonna get!

See you Tuesday!

Rita (mom of a princess pea!)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tossed And Turned Tuesday- Close Encounters of the Minty Kind

I don’t think I mentioned that this dresser cost me a total of $5.00!! Yeah, I guess they figured it was the right price for a sticker book, and technically that’s what it became (haha) but for me, the price was PERFECT!!





I have to tell you about the color choice. Whenever I get online I always turn to a few of my favorite blogs. One of them being Cassie’s blog from Primitive and Proper(of course!). She’s like my furniture mentor. I go to her blog for advice ALL the time. Anyway the other day she posted a mint green dresser she just finished and mentioned that it was the latest color. I teased and said…”well, if YOU say so .." then it has to be true!!

Put it this way, if CASSIE SAYS that violet is the new black, you better believe that you’ll be seeing violet all over blogland not to mention that can you just bought from Home Depot!!

Anyway,my mom called the other day and said she just bought me some oops paint. Well I got it today and guess what color it was?? That’s right, Mint. Well at least that’s what it looks like to me anyway.


This is the lovely top before. I totally forgot to add this to my last post but it is VERY worthy of being seen. I sanded the heck out of it!


At first I thought it was a water stain but now I firmly believe that the aliens sat their laser gun on top of it and burned a mark onto it. It was really awful!

I couldn’t exactly leave this post on a bad note so here it is again:


This little precious will find it’s way to my sister’s house. I’m glad it’s staying in the family! She wants it to look aged so I’ll add some light distressing to it.

I hope you all had a great Mother’s Day! I did and got a new Drill set!!! It’s freaking amazing. We laughed because I’ve been wanting my own drill that’s lightweight instead of using Sammy’s heavy one and I got it! I told Sammy he’ll get a spa set for Father’s Day. If you know him, you know he’d enjoy it – haha!

Have a good week,




Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday–Alien Invasion



Typically this would turn me off if I saw this at a garage sale but not when it’s stuck on something that looks like this:


Yep underneath all those stickers and extra sets of doorknobs lies this beauty.

I’ll try to restore it to looking beautiful again, so come back on Thursday, ok?


Thursday, May 03, 2012

What a week!

You know the phrase "gone fishing"?? Well that's where I feel like I've been but not at a lake. My house has been under construction with plumbing issues galore and I'm over it!

We had my in-laws over the past couple of weekends to help and in the midst, Ashley had Prom and it was Sammy's birthday week.


So to fully understand the chaos you have to picture my house. Right side of when you open the door, CONSTRUCTION ZONE! Dust, dirt, mud, water, dishwasher in the middle of the kitchen, dirty dishes that couldn't be cleaned in the sink and crap everywhere.

On the left hand side, Ashley and her best friend Dalila in beautiful gowns getting primped and ready for Prom. What a sight!

Meanwhile I did their hair so they could save $100 each. In order to do this I watched You Tube videos to learn how do to a  "up-do" and a "side sweep". Yeah, I was super mom!

Since this is a short refresher post, I’ll attach some quick photos of this past week.

Ashley and Dalila ready to go to their Masquerade ball:


Susie came by and took some photos which I’ll share when they’re ready. This one was a quick shot before they left.

Speaking of MY BFF Susie, here is the card she made for Sammy’s Birthday from me and the kids. The photos are all of his stuff he treasures!

This was the proof of the front and back of the card. It’s on a leather background.


This was on the inside:


And lastly here is a before and after photo of the little desk I made for my niece Mia:

DSCN2045  DSCN2048


DSCN2179  DSCN2182

I have great stuff to work on now that I have some time to do it! So stick around!