Monday, April 23, 2012

Tossed and Turned Tuesday- Kitchen’s Done!!

This was the easiest project I have ever done…NOT!!!
I honestly don't know what I was thinking. I mean, I get that I wanted some color in my life but I really should have stuck to furniture. It took me 2 weeks to finish this project. Including two weeks of eating around drying doors, cooking around open cabinets, and not to mention looking at an unsightly dining/kitchen every day!
The thing that set me back was the color. At first I wanted a light blue color and when I went to Home Depot, the color I chose looked white in my lighting. I have a photo but it’s on the phone and looks really bad.
So then I chose a darker (light blue) and it came out looking like a bright pastel blue. In order to make lemonade out of lemons, I used this on the little blue humidor I painted  this month which Sammy swears is the same color but I beg to differ.
Since I decided to paint one whole section of cabinets and let it dry before I realized it was (again) not the right color,  I had more to scrape off. This took the longest time!! I even used paint stripper but it had lots of nooks and crannies so it was very time consuming.
In the long run I worked on this two complete weekends and after work in between.  It was the longest project I ever did. But worth it I must say considering I went from this:
To this:
OH! I forgot to mention that I tried to be smart and paint them for the third time with the doors attached…DON'T EVER DO THAT!!  I had drips galore!
Now that this project is done (even though still not quite the blue I was going for) and my husband "likes it enough", I can finally say this was a project I did myself for days on end and I even drilled those holes for knobs and pulls.
I do love my blue kitchen!!
And of course Kunu got in on the action!
One more thing I forgot to show was besides touch ups here and there I have one teeny weenie problem…
D’oh!! Yeah my planning skills suck. I'm going to have to take this handle off and fill the holes then repaint.  Ahh the joy doesn't end.
(please don’t judge my drawer, I dumped everything in then got sidetracked with the handle:)

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Megan said...

Wow Rita, that was quite the project but the results are awesome!! I LOVE the color and am totally jealous of your kitchen! I want to paint mine so badly, but I'm scared of ruining my cabinets!

momtofatdogs said...

It looks beautiful & you shouldn't be so critical of yourself (I'm the SAME way...) Your kitchen is much larger than mine, but I have the same issue with a drawer that is beside my stove, can't open it all the way - knocks into the fridge! I love seeing your creations. Keep up the good work. I got a burning question though! Do y'all USE your fireplace much? I am in TN & I didn't want a house w/a fireplace becasue we had one in our house in AL & it was such a freaking mess all the time after & during using it. Not to mention that I set the woods on fire throwing out 4 day old ashes....another story for another I didn't WANT a fireplace in our house in TN.

Any new pictures of the rat? Ugh! You're more brave than me. One of MY girls had a hampster, but that was as far as that went. Silly thing lived forEVER.


Twice Nice said...

Oh my gosh Rita, look at how bright and beautiful your kitchen looks!! Not that it was at all bad with your original cabinets, but it's just lighter and brighter. I so need to do something with mine. I'm going to show my husband your finished project so he can see where I want to go with this! Woo Hoo, all your hard work paid off in spades girl!! Gorgeous!

Katie said...

Rita! This is awesome!! The new color seriously brightens up your kitchen! It looks great with the backsplash too! That stinks you had to redo the paint so many times! I hate how sometimes the paint cards don't look like the final product at ALL!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that color is fabulous! when i paint my kitchen cabinets i plan to do something like that, too! love it!

Reenie said...

Love Love Love the color of the cabs~ the backsplash looks so much lighter. And I totally would have done something like you did with the hardware. :)

You did a fab job ~

Kammy's Korner said...

Awesome! Best feeling ever when that's done - I remember! :) And what a great spot for a fireplace - I love to eat in front of a fire!!! :)