Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meet Andie!

I caved and bought Brianna a rat for her birthday. Meet Andie, her pet Rat. No not a hamster or gerbil, a rat with a tail. I have to admit he’s pretty freakin’ adorable and sweet though.

photo (2)

Yes, he’s the latest addition to our family and he’s getting along nicely!

So for those of you thinking, “is she crazy?? I wouldn’t let that thing in my house”…well typically I’d concur and would never see myself getting one, much less holding it, but I did.


Sorry for the blurry pictures but this little guy is fast!

The thing that really put me over the edge is, if most of you don’t know, Brianna (just turned 15 year old) suffers from depression. We’ve had a rough couple of years and though most days can be a struggle, the thing that hurts me most is she hates her smile.  I, needless to say, love that smile of hers and for her birthday(and quite frankly the last couple of years or so) all she’s wanted was a rat.

So this year for her birthday, I drove her to pet smart and told her to pick one out.  She got her rat and I got her smile that I miss seeing so much. I’d say we both won with him!


On a side note, we have a cat and two dogs whom I honestly expected would react different to this little guy.

Kunu,the cat, likes to walk into Brianna’s room every now and again and will sit and stare at the rat. Most times he doesn’t even care that Andie’s in the house.

Reese, on the other hand wants him dead. She tries to bite at his tail every time it sticks out of the cage and when we take him out, she jumps and nips in the air. I told Sammy that it’s kind of like seeing those vampire movies when the vampire gets around blood and is uncontrollable. She gets a little crazy like that! I can see her plotting something with the way she looks at him.

Tubby… well you’ll have to see for yourself. I think it’s safe to say, he found another friend.

Tubby first meeting

You have to know that Tubby is a licker to fully appreciate this video. haha!



momma_drea said...

One of my fav post... i love briannas smile n that last pic with andie. My babygirl is Beautiful!

Megan said...

The things Mom's will do to make their children happy :) I would DIE, no way could I have a rat\mouse\hamster ever. Heck, we don't even have a dog :) As long as she is happy though!

Olivia said...

dang! tubby won't even give me a chance, much less a rat!! just an fyi, i will not be touching any rats upon my june arrival. just sayin!!!

Twice Nice said...

You are a WONDERFUL Mom Rita!!! One of my daughter's Kindergarten teacher had a class pet Rat and a Bunny. We all had to share weekend duties and I much preferred the Rat to cleaning up behind that bunny!! Not that I want one, but they are very cute really.

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

You are an AWESOME mom!! I love that she smiled. I suffer from depression so hearing this really made me smile because I know how dark the days can be. And of course I love the name!! And rats are so much different then hamsters, gerbils...much cleaner and very social.

Deanna @ It's Just Me said...

Rita, I GOTTA tell ya, our family has had 3 pet rats and they are the BEST pets ever. In fact, the one, Ratty (great name right?) was probably one of the best pets I've ever owned. He was up there with my top 3 favorite dogs of all time and my cat Vixen, who's with me now. Reading your post makes me wanna go buy another. Brianna will have SO much enjoyment with him. The only downside is that they only live 2.5 years at the most. Sad I know. Such a great lil life in a lil package.
Blessing to you and your new family member : )
~ Deanna