Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday- Craigslist called ‘Me’

Ok, have you ever gotten a call from someone who was going to put their stuff on Craigslist but called you first so that you’d have first dibs?? I’m talking total stranger here!!

Well I have!!  And I’m so excited about that call!!

It turns out that a blog follower of mine had to unexpectedly move and couldn’t take everything she had with her.  She said that she had two pieces belonging to her father that she’d rather sell to me than have them go home with some stranger. Which technically, I guess I was.

I was like “HECK YEAH"!!

She was so sweet and was so excited when I told her yes. 

I took this piece off her hands along with a few others I found. In fact the pieces I got are still in the Explorer and you can’t see out of the rearview mirror, but it’s fine since we don’t drive it anyway. 

So this is the first of four pieces:


It’s a small table that looks like some sort of mail sorter thingy-ma-bob. It only stands a few feet tall and the door is broken and it definitely needs some TLC which I totally intend to give it.

I can’t wait to get started on this transformation.

Speaking of transformation…

I’m sure she’ll be reading this, but one of my fav bloggers out there is Megan from Miss Madison’s Charmed life.  She is so inspiring and I don’t think she even knows!! I’ve seen her drop weight like no ones business and I can’t help get her new photos out of my mind. Not like that!! I’m not some crazy stalker person. But she simply glows!! She just makes me feel like I need to try!!  You can see her weight loss here. And keep in mind that the photo in that post isn’t even her now. She looks amazing!

I’ve gone over her blog and am like “where did she start”, “Did her legs feel like they were going to fall off or like she’d fall unconscious??” I do every time I walk from the parking garage to the front steps at work and it’s not really that far.

I’ve been told that we are about to move downstairs at work and someone measured the distance from the parking garage to where our new location will be, and it is almost exactly 1/4 of a mile!!  I could totally use this to my advantage.

So anyway, I see Megan’s running photos and say to myself “I WANT to be a runner”. I don’t want to run a marathon, I just want to know I can if I wanted to and not die!

So I realize I need more will power to get where I would LLLOOVVVEE to be and then I can sport awesome pictures of myself like she does without this overwhelming feeling like, “yuk”.

Then there’s my daily temptations…did I mention there is a bakery at work and a Starbucks? Talk about knowing where my money’s going. It’s all going there!! And my friends all love chocolate so we have an always filled chocolate jar in the office.

So yes, it’s hard but seeing her blog makes me want to get my butt up and run and I can be a “runner” and that would be so awesome for me. Today I got out after work and walked around the block …TWICE!! I didn’t even break a sweat but I felt better about myself. I guess that’s good. I also ran the distance of 3-4 houses and now my leg hurts but it’s a good hurt. It says I wasn’t lazy today.

That’s all I got folks. A little long winded but what they hay…sometimes you just need a friend to talk to!

Love you guys,



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

cute piece! but yes yes yes i love megan and she is amazing and an inspiration!!!!!!!!

Kre8ive Life said...

love the piece. It is a desk almost the same as my little writing desk. Mine unfortunately is still waiting for its TLC, however mine is functional which is probably the reason it is yet to be loved.I can't wait to see how you transform your gorgeous little desk.

Megan said...

Wow Rita, you are so freaking awesome for writing this about me! I've been having a 'down' week with my weight being stuck and you just totally gave me a spiritual lift!!!! You can so do it, I started out my running like 10 ft before I had to walk, but I just kept at it. My motto was (and still is) SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING! As long as I was trying that was more than just not trying at all! I wish I lived closer to you, I would totally come and run with you :)

Oh, how lucky are you that people are CALLING you about furniture, you have the best luck!

Twice Nice said...

Looks like you found some great pieces to have fun with! I'm going to have to check out this Megan's blog!