Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tossed and Turned- Julia’s Rocker

Well happy Tuesday! Thank goodness Monday’s over because I had a BAD case of the Monday’s. I think Monday’s suck! Mine especially did because I forgot to take my Prozac and I could tell! One should never be without medication!!

I have to say I ran into technical difficulties with this rocker. In fact, I think this could go either way on the love/hate scale for you guys. So if you hate it and have to let me know, go ahead. I can’t say that I love it but sometimes you have to use the cards you were dealt.

Here she is now:

photo (3)

One thing you should always remember is if someone is paying you to do what they want..you always do what they want!  But if it’s for free and for family, those rules don’t always apply Smile (At least that what I like to tell myself!)

My aunt wanted it stained however, you never know what kind of wood your gonna get when you start sanding. The deal with this rocking chair is that the spokes and legs were darker wood than the rest. If I would have stained it all this light cherry stain, it would look a bit odd so I thought to hell with it and painted it white instead. Now granted, I still kept the good wood pieces in tact…heck I just hope she likes it (d’oh).

What do you think?

photo (4)photo (5)photo (2)

This last one’s a bit blurry but it shows the stitching on the bottom rocker.


I had the best birthday ever this weekend! We went to eat at Buca di Peppo which is a family style Italian place and we sat in the kitchen. It was AWESOME!!  We ate like there was no tomorrow and topped it all off with chocolate cake and I had a cappuccino (heaven).

Then Saturday I went for a 70 minute massage and afterwards Sammy took me (as a surprise) to go buy ANN SLOAN CHALK PAINT!!! WOO HOO!! He is so precious!

I’ll post pictures of my paint can soon!

Also the contest was so much fun! I had two winners and both are so excited. I can’t wait to get started on their stuff!!

I think that’s it for updates for now. I’ll be reading blogs later on as I’ve been so behind lately. Oh and I still really like my job!! Just don’t like that I don’t have time to sip coffee and read blogs. This is why I need to win the lottery I tell you.

Ok, ta ta for now!



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

happy birthday, rita! hope it was a good one!
and ok on the chair- i don't love it either, but like you said, you have to do what people want!!! i have done orders before that i didn't love, but it was what the client asked, and they were happy and that is what matters!

Twice Nice said...

Lucky Julia! I think it is really sweet, and I like that you left some of the wood stained and the rest painted a new, clean white with darling details. Have fun with your new paint!!

Megan said...

Rita, I think the rocker looks awesome! For real! I love the wood and the white together and the detailing on it! Man, chocolate cake sounds so dang good right now at 8 in the morning :) Here's hoping to a better Tuesday for both of us!

Laura said...

I think you did a great job on the chair!

Katie said...

Happy belated birthday!! Wow, dinner in the kitchen? That sounds like a movie or something! Glad you're still loving the new job!!

Rita said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xo, Rita