Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Thrown Away Thursday and Post Birthday Post (get it)

Time for your weekly installment of “Lets see what Rita wants to work on Saturday and Hustle to finish on Sunday”.  I swear I do this every time but I love the pressure!

This is what’s on the schedule this weekend:



Yes it’s just your average run of the mill chair, that you would find in your storage or garage. Right? I think I might have to bust out the Ann Sloan paint for this one. Guess we’ll see.


First of all, my friends recommended (Thanks Terri, Amy and Lynda)

They suggested we make reservations for the kitchen and Sammy said it was already reserved, however when we got there, guess what, he lied! This is our kitchen side view:

photo 1

By the way, these are all iPhone pics so excuse the blurriness.

The thing I loved about this spot was every dish that came out was presented to you by the wait staff.  They fully described each item. This made it hard to decide what we were having for dinner of course. Also, everything is served family style so you order in small or large portions.  Small feeding about 2-3 comfortably and large feeding a small city. We opted for small servings of Baked Rigatoni and Chicken Carbonara.  Brianna had a pizza all to herself. 

photo 3photo 4

We also had free samples of some items, perks for sitting in the kitchen, then we topped it all off with double dark chocolate cake and I had a cappuccino! HOG HEAVEN!

photo 2

G L O R I O U S !!

Needless to say it was a wonderful birthday!


Megan said...

Ohhhhh I want some cake!!! Have you thought about spray painting the leather on the chair? Rustoleum has paint for vinyl and leather, i've heard!

Katie said...

That cake! It looks like it's bleeding chocolate and it looks glorious! What a fun experience! The pizza and pasta look amazing too!